Aagrah - Doncaster

Great North Road, Woodlands, Doncaster, DN6 7RA
Telephone: 01302 728 888

Opening Times:
Mon to Sat: 5:30pm - 11:30pm
Sun: 4:30pm - 10:30pm 

"A Smörgåsbord of Indian dishes"
Date of Visit: Monday 15/09/14 - 6:30pm

I have eaten at Aagrah on a number of occasions over the years and have always been favourably disposed towards it.
Tonight was the first time that I had sampled the "eat as much as you like buffet", not just here, but anywhere.

At £13 a head, how did it fare?

(An abundant) Selection of salads - excellent range. 
(An abundant) Selection of sauces - you can't fault the wide variety of dips and sauces.
Chicken Drum Sticks - the meat melted from the bone, very good.
Meat Samosa - very good, I enjoyed these.
Lahori Machli - excellent, very flavoursome.Aloo Tikki - ok, good.
Main Dishes  Chicken Chanari - this dish wasn't available whilst we were there.  Lamb Achari - a good dish, nice and spicy.Chicken Korma - Korma's aren't my favourite, so I didn't sample this dish.Nimok Gosht - I thought this very bland, like a casserole.Aloo Gosht - I didn't try this dish either.
Vegetable Dishes & Sundries
Pilau rice - ok, acceptable.   
Chips - I didn't try, they looked a little anemic.
Nan - cut in to segments, flat, luke warm. These don't keep well in the "warming bins"

Vegetarian Dish Of The Day - another dish I didn't get to try. My stomach is only so big!

Mango Mousse - excellent, very enjoyable.
Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) - very good.
Fruit Cocktail - a good variety of fruit.
There were also a couple of other desserts available. 

Buffets aren't for me. The whole experience felt rushed. For me, it denigrates what is normally an enjoyable dining experience… transforming it in to a "fast food" encounter.

I like the short wait for the starters and then the main course to arrive; it gives you time to engage in conversation with your dining companions.

I also like the fact that Chef is concocting a dish specifically for me and that the very next dish of the same name won't be exactly the same as mine due to slight variations in "measurements" of the spicing.

Waiter service is something I also like. It's enjoyable, to have food cooked for you by Chef and then served by a pleasant, witty and interesting Waiter.

I will be returning to this restaurant and will dine from the À la Carte Menu. I expect it will sit more favourably with me on my return visit.

Awarded November 2015