Bengal Lancer - Withernsea, East Yorks


Queen Street, Withernsea, East Yorkshire, HU19 2JR
Telephone: 01964 613 597 

Opening Times:
Mon to Sun: 5:30pm - 11:00pm

"Scouts Honour... It's Decent!
Date of Visit: Tuesday 8th August 2017 - 9:00pm

Well, I've been a few times with the Mrs since the last time I reviewed this place.
This time, The Greyhound, Old Ironguts and I were on a coastal camping expedition and decided to drop in for a meal.
We started the evening in The Boathouse micro pub, and enjoyed the place... and the beer!
I can't remember what dishes each of us had - just that we were all very impressed and rated the mains 5 star.
The starters, we scored a high 4 / low 5.
The only downside, is that it's a little bit pricey - it cost us £20 each for a starter, a main and a bread.
If it was a little bit more competitively priced, then we'd rate it as a 5 star restaurant.
However, if you've got a bulging wallet, then the price will not detract you.
It is jolly good!



"A guiding light… a beacon of hope!”

Date of Visit: Wednesday 24/09/14 - 7:00pm

At 38M in height, the Withernsea Lighthouse was a guiding light to mariners from 1894 until it closed in 1976 (1st July).

When operating, the lighthouse was visible from 17 miles away. Hornsea, where the lacklustre Sonali Spice is located, is only 14 miles away. Maybe the owner of the Bengal Lancer needs to power the lighthouse back up, in order to guide the poor people of Hornsea to his fine establishment!

There are many different regiments of the Bengal Lancers. The 1st Bengal Lancers been raised by Colonel James Skinner of the British Indian Army in 1803.

Well, the Bengal Lancer has won the Holderness Coast Curry War! Ok, so I didn’t travel up to Bridlington, but, I indulge myself.

The “lads” are of Bangladeshi origin, moving to Withernsea from Bradford. And, thankfully, they’ve brought a little bit of Bradford with them!

The restaurant was completely renovated and internally extended between January and June 2014; and it looks well on the upgrade.

There were 21 other diners, in the restaurant when I entered at 7pm; at a similar time at Sonali Spice (Hornsea) two evening previously, there were only 7 other people partaking.
Takeaway/delivery orders were brisk, the phone never seemed to stop ringing.

Coincidence? that Bengal Lancer was 3 times busier than Sonali Spice (ok, so it was a different day)… but I think not! Quality speaks volumes!

Mixed Starter (Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Samosa, Meat Samosa, Chicken Pakora) – were all good quality, but, a little small. At £3.95, I thought it a little expensive for what was on my plate.
I’d have preferred for them to drop one of the Samosa’s and have 3 full size versions of the remaining items. The starters weren’t particularly spicy – one size fits all for the Caucasian target audience? (as applied by the vast majority of restaurants)

Chicken Sagwala - £6.95, the menu states, “please ask for strength you require.” I asked for mine to be of Madras spice levels… and they did not disappoint. It was an extremely enjoyable and nicely spiced dish.

Naan Bread £2.25 – this was a good quality Naan, though probably the smallest that I have been presented with anywhere. That and the cost of £2.25 made me think that it was a little bit over priced.
Still, having said that; the size of the Naan matched the volume of curry.

Maybe the curry portion was a little small too; as that was my initial impression.

I’d been cajoled in to a small cod, chips and mushy peas at about 3pm (late lunch), so I probably didn’t have my best portion acumen about me.

It’s BYO – I didn’t. They asked me if I wanted any soft drinks – I didn’t. They failed to offer me a carafe/jug/bottle or even a glass of water. If they don’t offer, then these days, I don’t bother to ask for one – it’s a tester for them!

If the starters had been a little larger and a tad spicier; if the Naan had been a shade bigger and if they had presented me with a glass of water – then, I’d have rated this as a 5 star restaurant. As it is, it’s a very solid 4 star establishment.

It is a restaurant that I would recommend to anyone.

Awarded November 2015


"Never judge a book by its cover"
Date of Visit: Tuesday 14/06/11 - 8:00pm

Never judge a book by its cover, or an Indian restaurant by its facade.

The Bengal Lancer is a little gem of a restaurant; a cultural oasis amongst the Withernsea wilderness.

The drab, tired exterior and bland simple furnishings do nothing to enthuse and warm you to the restaurant. However, the Bengal Lancer is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The Maitre D' and second waiter are very welcoming, friendly, pleasant and attentive to your requests. The food is excellent  amongst the best I have tasted; including all the Bradford and Manchester curry houses that I have tried.

We started with a couple of fresh Poppadoms each, followed by Onion Bhaji and Mixed Kebab starters.

The service was good, the plates were nice and warm and a dish/plate warmer was placed in the centre of the table. Both starters arrived sizzling on a metal platter and were served at the table, excellent. Both starters were of good quality and the restaurant was now beginning to sit favourably with us and transform our original impression. A large pickle (3 dishes) tray and mint yoghurt sauce was presented with the poppadoms and starters  this was complimentary and was warmly welcomed fantastic!

We didn't have long to wait for our main course Chicken Korma, Garlic Chili Chicken Korai, Pilau Rice and 2 Tandoori Roti's

The Roti's were sublime, probably the best that I have ever sampled. 
My friend commented that her Korma WAS the best that she has ever had and that the rice was also nicely cooked. 
My Garlic Chili Chicken arrived steaming hot in its Korai dish and had an exquisite aroma. I waited a couple of minutes for it to cool, before diving in with my Roti, curry heaven! The dish was intricately spiced with fresh green chilies and was top class. The chef is worth his weight in gold.


They do not have an alcohol license, which I applaud them for - we come for the curry, not the beer! They do however sell a wide range of soft drinks and bottled water. They were quite willing and happy for us to have a jug of ordinary water and didn't charge for this. They are also more than happy for you to bring your own wine/beer/lager to accompany your meal.

The Bengal Lancer is a great Indian restaurant and I would strongly suggest that you try it should you happen to be in the area. 

We are back off there on Friday, in order to try a couple more of their dishes. I am sure that we will not be disappointed.


If I was the owner of, or was about to open an Indian restaurant in Withernsea, then I would consider naming the restaurant Saffron.

Unlucky Seven!
Withernsea's 1200ft long pier was opened in Aug 1877.
The pier was removed in 1903 during sea wall construction work.
On seven occasions the pier was hit by boats/ships during its relatively short life span.
March 1876 - hit by the Victory
January 1879 - hit by the Excelsior
October 1880 - hit by the Jabez and then the Saffron, both on the same day! The Saffron punched a 250ft gap in the piers length.
February 1888 - hit by an unnamed ship.
October 1890 - hit by the Genesta.
March 1893 - hit by the Henry Parr.