Hot & Spicy - Firth Park, Sheffield


166 Firth Park Road, Firth Park, Sheffield, S5 6WQ
Telephone: 01142 432 977

"Beyond The Brandenburg Gate"
Date of Review: 30/06/2008

It's mid-week and mid-afternoon, you've had a couple of pints of real ale with your mates and now you want a curry. If you were in Bradford then you would be spoilt for choice but your not. There is Kebabish on The Wicker but to be honest their currys are a little poor. The Mangla and The Kashmir Curry Centre don't open for lunch. It's a problem, or is it?

My friend and I had enjoyed a couple of pints in The Fat Cat and needed a curry so we drove to Firth Park. Hot & Spicy is one of a number of curry bars located at the Northern General Hospital end of Firth Park Road. It is certainly unpretentious and unlicensed and can not really be described as a restaurant, more a take away/curry bar.

The establishment has tables to do 24 covers. Take-away and eat in business was plentiful and brisk whilst we were there. 

We ordered 2 chicken balti's and 3 roti's each. The currys were made from scratch, no bought in ready made sauces were used here! The owner / manager came out to ask us how hot we wanted our curries and I think he was surprised when we replied apna.

The curry when it came was probably the best I have ever had anywhere, even beating ones I have had in Bradford. The rotis were also excellent and the owner gave us a free generously sized salad and yogurt dip. Excellent. The only draw back was that the curry was served in a polysterene box and not on a plate even though we had aked prior to ordering if it would come in a balti dish / bowl / plate. This wasn't really a problem for us as we are used to, in fact prefer the ethnic, utilitarian type of curry house that are prevalent in Bradford and that can also be found on Spital Hill in Sheffield.

So the curry, what was it like; sublime. There was no after meal bloatedness, no indigestion, no heart burn, no flatulence - it was perfect.

I can not recommend this establishment as a full blown restaurant dining experience. You certainly wouldn't take any one there on a first date. However if you need a lunch time curry then it has to be the place to go. If you are a bit of a curryholic like us then it is worth a visit to see just how good a real ethnic curry can be.

Next time we go we will take our own balti dishes lol.

Excellent value for just £5.60

Five stars? Awarded for the sheer quality of the food, not for the false veneer of the fixtures and fittings.
Do you NEED your Indian restaurant to be all pretty and nicey, nicey to massage your ego; or, dare you venture beyond the Brandenburg Gate (The Wicker Arches) in to what some might describe as "the ghettos"?