Mirchi - Mooreneds, Doncaster

Marshlands Road, Moorends, Doncaster, DN8 4SZ
Telephone: 01405 818 787 
Opening Times:
Mon to Sun: 5:00pm - 11:00pm

"Simply The Best ?"
Date of Visit: Friday 25th August 2017 - 7:00pm

Tandoori Mixed Starter £3.75
Onion Bhaji £2.75
Chicken Naga Surprise £7.50
Chicken Bhuna £6.50
Garlic Chicken Balti £6.75
Chicken Dopiaza £6.50
Naan Bread £2.00
Chapattis 0.70p
Mushroom Pilau Rice £2.40

We have visited Mirchi a number of times since the last review and it is undoubtedly one of our favourite restaurants.

The Tandoori Mixed Starter consisted of Seekh Kebab (4/5), Onion Bhaji (5/5) and Chicken Tikka (4/5). A very solid start.

I rated the Chicken Naga Surprise 5/5, The Greyhound rated his Chicken Dopiaza 4/5, Old Ironguts scored his Garlic Chicken Balti 4/5 and Inspector Blake rated his Chicken Bhuna 3/5 

The breads were good, the Mushroom Pilau Rice very good.

This restaurant comes with a very serious recommendation!



"Wednesday Offer - Four Courses For £8"
Date of Visit: Wednesday 25/05/16 - 5:30pm

Tandoori Mixed Starter £2.95
Sylheti Balti £6.95
Sabzi Sallom £6.50
Lamb Kazana £6.20
Plain Naan £1.60
Keema Naan £1.80
Kulcha Naan £1.80
Vegetable Pilau £2.10
Cup of Tea £?

We took advantage of the Wednesday offer of 4 courses (starter, main, rice or bread and a coffee or a tea) for £7.95. King Prawn dishes are not included. 

The Tandoori Mixed Starter consisted of Seekh Kebab (3/5), Onion Bhaji (4/5) and Chicken Tikka (3/5). Pretty average starters to be fair. They didn't quite hit the heights of my last visit.

The Greyhounds Sabzi Sallom (4/5) was an enjoyable dish... spicy, not overly hot, but infused with delicious spices. Old Ironguts' Lamb Kazana (4/5) was a sweet dish and of good quality, but not quite what he was wanting. Afterwards, he did comment that he should have expected it to be a sweet dish due to a couple of the ingredients listed in the description. My Sylheti Balti (4/5) was a full, flavoursome dish which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The breads and rice were very good.

Awarded June 2015


"I Can't Fault It!"
Date of Visit: Tuesday 17/03/15 - 5:30pm

So, 3 days after our first visit, I found myself on a solo mission and arrived minus my two wingmen.
On Saturday, I thought that this establishment was first class but didn't have the energy to try and persuade my two mates that it was deserving of 5 stars. Tonight's visit confirmed it for me.

Tandoori Mixed Starter £2.95
Sabzi Sallom £6.50
Kulcha Naan £1.80
Vegetable Pilau £2.10 (untouched and taken home in a takeout container)
Cup of Tea £?

On Tuesday's and Wednesday's, they do a special offer of 4 courses for £7.95. That's any starter, any main, any naan or any rice and a cup of tea or coffee for less than eight quid. Please note, King Prawn dishes aren't included. 

The Tandoori Mixed Starter consisted of Seekh Keebab, Onion Bhaji and Chicken Tikka. From Saturday, I knew that the SK and OB were good but the Chicken Tikka elevated it to new heights. The CT consisted of 3 great big chunks of marinated chicken; at most places you'd get just the one piece.
The Sabzi Sallom was as described, spicy - not hot, but infused by delicious spices.
I now understand why my mates raved about their Naan at the weekend… the Kulcha Naan was perfection. The Vegetable Rice I took home and had the next day - a spoonful in the restaurant revealed that it too was of outstanding quality.

Well deserving of five stars.

Awarded June 2015


"Hot House"
Date of Visit: Saturday 14/03/15; 7:30pm

In Hindi, Mirch means Chili. Mirchi can also means spicy hot, through chilies. Hot, will probably suffice as an English translation.

On this occasion  we couldn't find a decent pre-meal watering hole. The two venues that we tried were quite pricey considering the  fabric of the buildings and the ambiance within.

What's not to like? The "lads" travel in from Bradford. Starters, Mains and Sundries are all very sensibly priced… unlike some places!

Service was excellent, neither faked or disconcerting. The two chaps that we entered in to conversation with were engaging and affable.

They don't serve alcohol, but I'm sure one of my mates said that you can take your own. We didn't bother with poppadoms... and later, I'm sure that I heard one of the waiters ask a group of girls dining - "you'll not be bothered with poppadoms, will you?"

The non-intrusive background music took the edge off of the "emptiness", as we were the only diners when we took up our seats.

Seekh Keebab £2.20 (2 pieces)
Onion Bhaji £2.00 (2 pieces)
Gosht Karahi £5.95
Murgh Jalfrezi £5.95
Naga Surprise £6.45
Pilau Rice £1.75
Plain Naan £1.60
Puree (fried Chapati) 70p

The Seekh Kebab, as is so often the case, was of good quality but not spicy enough for us. The Onion Bhaji's were excellent, quite possibly the best that we have ever had.

My Naga Surprise, was just that; it was pretty much bang on the button. I'd probably rate it as a 5 star dish. It really was very, very good. All of the ingredients, were "cooked in to the dish" rather than being thrown in as an after thought.
The Gosht Karahi was also of a high standard, this friend rating the overall experience as four stars.
My other friends Murgh Jalfrezi looked good, but he wasn't too impressed with the sprinkling of raw Chili's and thought that the extra heat had been infused by use of a liberal dose of curry/chili powder.

I didn't have a Naan, though my two companions raved about theirs. A Naan next time for me then! The Puree (fried Chapati) were excellent and not often seen on menus in South Yorkshire. The Pilau Rice was of good quality, the saffron adding something extra to it.

We weren't asked if we wanted a dessert; as I don't think they do them. However, we were well sated and doubt that we had room.

I like this restaurant a lot and plan to return on Wednesday of this coming week? Why? Well, there are a number of dishes on the menu that you don't see on most South Yorkshire Indian Restaurants. These dishes remind me of Indo Lanka Fusion on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield. 
On Tuesday's and Wednesday's, they (Mirchi) do 4 courses for £7.95!
A plus point for me, is that it's only a 10 minute detour on my journey home from work.

Roll on Wednesday!

Mirchi was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 0 (Urgent Improvement Necessary) by Doncaster Council on 14th May, 2014.

I am not for turning and I look forward to dining here again on Wednesday!