Curry Mahal - Doncaster

Balby Road, Doncaster, DN4 0RG
Telephone: 01302 310 928

Opening Times:
Sun to Sat - 6pm to late

 "1 Star From Both The FSA & The SYCG - Says It All."
Date of Visit: Friday: 23/01/15 - 7:00pm

Brinjal Bhaji (as a starter) £3.20
Bhindi Bhaji (as a starter) £3.20
Mattar Paneer (as a starter) £3.40
Chicken Brinjal £6.20
Chicken Madras £6.20
Lamb Balti £6.80
Naan £2.40
Pilau Rice £2.60

I'm not going to try to make any witty comments or references to the fact that the restaurant resides in the shell of a former petrol station. I will though throw in the old saying "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." The building just doesn't look right!

Asking for side dishes as starters didn't prove a problem and to be fair, they didn't do too bad a job with them.  If I had to give a grade for my Brinjal Bhaji, then it would be a high 2, to a low 3 out 5. My friends seemed to be of the same opinion.

My Chicken Brinjal was described as medium strength… nope, if I'd been blindfolded and asked to describe the type of cuisine that I was eating, then I'd have struggled. There wasn't even a mild strength of spicing to the dish. Spice-less. The Chicken Madras was as expected of a SYIR (South Yorkshire Indian Restaurant); lacking in fresh ingredients & intricate spicing but laced with copious amounts of chili and curry powder. The Lamb Balti was described as good quality pieces of lamb in a below average spice-less sauce. Catering for the masses and not those after a good curry my friend remarked.

The Pilau Rice and Naan were ok but overpriced and bantamweight.

The food didn't sit well on the stomachs of two of the three diners or for very long for one of those unfortunate two! 
I also note that DMBC have been critical of their hygiene standards in the past and that this is recorded in their Food Hygiene Rating on the "Scores on the Doors" website and also the Food Standards Agency website.

There were 3 or 4 other tables occupied during our visit - but the venue was empty as we made our ascent of the mountainous stairs. Parking is difficult; narrow bays. And take your coat… it was freezing, even though the heating was on and we were sat on top of a radiator!

Pollice verso
Awarded April 2015

The premises went to auction on 3rd September 2014 and had A guide price of £175,000 plus (click here). If it were my business, I'd be a little miffed with the fact that the estate agent is advertising it as a "former petrol station" - promote it for what it currently is, not what it used to be.