Nur - Edlington, Doncaster


Unit 1, Edlington Lane, Edlington, Doncaster, DN12 1BS
Telephone: 01709 860 823

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Opening Times:
Sun 5:30pm to 10:00pm
Mon to Sat 5:30pm to 11:00pm

"Feast Night - Excellent!"
Date of Visit: 5:30pm, Thursday 16th November 2017

Mixed Kebab (5/5)
Chicken Karahi Laziz (5/5)
Lamb Karahi Laziz (5/5)
Chicken Dansak (5/5)
Keema Naan 
Garlic Naan
Mushroom Pilau Rice

At £9.95 for popadoms, a starter, a main dish and rice or a naan is a good offer.
Every single item ordered was first class!
We can't wait to visit again!



"A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing!"
Date of Visit: 7:30pm, Friday 6th October 2017

Onion Bhaji - £2.50 (no price increase since our last visit - 3 years ago!)
Vegetable Pakora - £2.80
Chef's Special Balti - £7.50
Chicken Methi - £6.50 (no price increase on these "Chef's Speciality dishes)
Chicken Dansak - £5.60 (an increase of 70p)
Family Naan - £4.00 (a mere 5p increase)
Chapattis - 80p
Pilau Rice - £2.20

Never say never, they say!
It had been a tad over 3 years since our one and only visit to this establishment. Last week, it was mentioned by one of us, that a work colleague had visited the restaurant and had fully enjoyed the experience.

"How about trying Nur?"
"Nuuuurr" as in no, I believe the reply was.

Well, a week later and with a few ales down our necks and the car also pointing in the right direction... the self driving car took us to Yuuurr.

We got off on the wrong footing with the owner; as we couldn't make up our minds on which table to sit at. The reason being, is that it is a small restaurant and almost wherever you sit, you feel as if or are in the way. For example, a couple of the tables are too near to the toilet and people using that facility would be brushing past you all the time. Another couple of tables are too close to the entrance/exit to/from the kitchen and you feel as if you are going to be hit by the door or have the staff constantly brushing past you. Another couple of tables are too close to the main door, which on a cold night and with no heating on, well, it gets a bit drafty and cold. And finally, there are a couple of tables which are too close to the till area, where the staff and other diners would constantly be brushing past you.

So, after test driving a couple or 3 tables, we finally settled at the 4th table that we tried. Phew! I think the owner even asked us if we had finished playing musical tables.

He tried us for poppadoms and soft drinks. No thanks. Then offered us some warm tap water. I countered "with ice please"... I think that he'd already had enough of us.

We ordered. It wasn't busy, there was just one other table of 2 diners. Another group of 4 came in. We waited. They (the table of 4) received their poppadoms and mains before our starters arrived.

When the starters were presented, they came in 2 chapters. One of our party had to wait a further 3 or 4 minutes for his onion bhaji whilst we were tucking in. Three or four minutes doesn't sound a lot, but, when you have been waiting a fair old time... it's an eternity.
The Greyhound was a little miffed about this, and to be fair, you can't blame him. Surely it's not that hard to do 2 portions of bhajis and a portion of veg pakora?

The silliness stopped once the food arrived!

The Onion Bhajis (5/5), were almost as good as those at Mirchi (Moorends). The Vegetable Pakoras (5/5) were also excellent. Both starters were obviously made from scratch and were fresh - no bought in frozen nonsense here. The Bhajis were the correct shape, large and spherical. The Pakora's were large and i think I counted 5 of them as I glanced across at Old Ironguts' plate.

A bottle of chilled water arrived... and, full credit to the owner - as he'd nipped to the local shop to get a bag of ice. I was only joking when I asked for ice... what a star!

Things were on the up.

The mains arrived. Chicken Dansak (5/5), Chicken Methi (5/5) and Chef's Speciality Balti (4/5) were our choices. Excellent.

The Chapattis were also excellent, tussling with those that are to be had at Spice Library (Mexborough) to be numero uno.

The Family Naan was also very good, but maybe slightly eclipsed by the one at Sabhir's (Doncaster) last week.

My, my. How things change!

We'd be churlish not to rate this experience 5 stars.

Bravo, well done to the owner and chef.



"All that glitters is not gold! - Bill Shakespeare"
Date of Visit: 6:30pm, Saturday 9th August 2014

Mixed Kebab £3.60
Onion Bhaji £2.50
Chicken Rezela £6.50
Chicken Rogan Josh £4.90
Family Naan £3.95

We'd watered ourselves at The Boat Inn, Sprotbrough and at Yorkshire Main Mineworkers Sports & Social Club. I've no idea who won the cricket, though it was quite enjoyable and gave us a "reason" for staying perhaps a little longer than we ought.

The reviewers (Joe & Josephine Public) of Trip Advisor rank this restaurant at number 18 out of 343 restaurants in Doncaster.


I would suggest that the good people of South Yorkshire make the journey to Bradford to experience what a proper curry is about!

There's nothing "wrong" with this place, it wasn't a disaster and won't kill you.

Post meal - I just don't feel like I've been Curried!

Anglicised - Masalaified - these are words that I use to describe this South Yorkshire variant of the Indian cuisine.

The starters were ok - but not spicy.

The Chicken Rogan Josh was described on the menu as being medium hot - it was very meek; more of a very limp, box standard non-spicy curry with a couple of tomatoes thrown in.
The Chicken Rezela was described as being fairly hot. Granted, it was a little spicier than the Rogan Josh but it wouldn't take a great deal to accomplish that. The dish was very sweet.

The Family Naan was not as large as I expected and not as large as some are describing in reviews on some commercial review websites.

Joking aside, it wasn't a family size Naan. It was just of sufficient size for 2 adults.

It's BYO.
No "fussing" or "hovering" waiters.
No "what no rice / poppadoms / pickle tray / side dish"
The music was a tad too loud.
The Nur doesn't do deserts of any kind… let alone authentic Indian ones.

I think that pretty much summarises this restaurant - spending any more time trying to give merit to something that doesn't warrant it, is pretty pointless.

Would I return - NO.

I think it maybe that I add the following footnote to the vast majority of these reviews from hereon in.

"The vast majority of South Yorkshire Indian restaurants cater for and deliver what your average Joe and Josephine Public want… i.e. a "dumbed down" not too hot & spicy, slightly sweet curry. Ok, you'll get the odd meathead who wants the Vindaloo, Tindaloo or Phal after he's downed a couple of gallons of beer - but we all know, that's not what curries are about!

I / we have to remember, that these South Yorkshire Indian restaurants are delivering exactly what their target audience is demanding."

Awarded February 2016