Rosina's - Langold, Nottinghamshire

Doncaster Road, Langold, Nottinghamshire S81 9QH 
Telephone: 01909 540 088
Opening Times:
Wed to Mon: 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Closed Tuesday's

Map of Rosina's whereabouts

"An Indian Restaurant With An Italian Sounding Name"
Date of Visit: Saturday 08/11/14 - 5:30pm

Rosina's was previously known as The Millon. The new name would have one think that it is an Italian eatery rather than one serving dishes from the sub-continent.

Langold village has a population of 2,533 and is located 5 miles North of Worksop and 12 miles South of Doncaster. 

Back in 1911, test mining suggested that there may have been a workable seam of coal in the area but the outbreak of World War One delayed further exploration until May 1923. The sinking of Shaft No 1 began in July 1923, finally hitting the Barnsley coal seam at a depth of 757 metres in mid 1925, with the seam continuing for a further 26 metres in depth.

850 homes were constructed between 1924 and 1929, with the Worksop Co-operative Society arriving in 1925.  Two banks were operating at this time and in 1927 two cinemas and the Langold Hotel opened their doors to the public. The village had a primary school (388 children), a junior school (360 children) and a secondary school (384 children).

At its peak in 1953, Firbeck Colliery (the actual village of that name is located 2 miles to the North West of Langold) employed 1,841 people. By 1968, the mine was deemed to be uneconomical and closed on the 31st of December of that year.

Meanwhile, back to the review…

Onion Bhaji £1.95 (2 large pieces)
Vegetable Samosa (2 small pieces)
Mixed Kebab £3.50 (1 large Onion Bhaji, 1 large Seekh Kebab, 1 small Meat Samosa)

Chicken Madras £4.80
Garlic Chili Chicken £6.95
Lamb Tikka Karahi £7.80

Tarka Dahl (side dish) £2.60
Mushroom Pilau Rice £2.20
Roti £1.00 
Plain Naan £1.95

The Onion Bhaji's and Seekh Kebab were home-made and spiceless; the Samosa's I believe were bought in. I thought them feeble, my two friends thought they had a little more about them than the two home-made starters.

My friend said that his Chicken Madras was all "front heat", over loaded with curry & chilli powder and rated the dish at 3/10.
The Lamb Tikka Karahi that my other friend had was rated 6/10.
The Garlic Chilli Chicken that I had wasn't listed on the menu, so they tweaked the Chilli Chicken dish that is. This wasn't too bad an offering, fresh chillies were used, as was garlic and onions; though again, it was mostly front-heat, probably generated by copious amounts of curry and chilli powder. I also detected that some of the chicken in my dish had been marinated in a tikka sauce - Friday nights left overs?
The Tarka Dahl was described as being watery and lacking in lentils. It did look a poor excuse for what can be a very palatable and highly enjoyable dish.
The Naan Bread and Tandoori Roti (not listed on the menu) were ok, as was the Mushroom Pilau Rice

The dessert menu does not contain any authentic Indian desserts.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words:

Service was slow. During our couple of hours in the restaurant, the only other diners were one table of four. How do they manage to stay open if business is so sparse?

Awarded July 2014

The evening wasn't a complete disaster, pre-curry, one of my friends introduced us to a fantastic Real Ale pub named the Grafton Hotel in Worksop. They had 12 Real Ale hand pumps on the go. 

Don Jon (4.8% ABV) was one of a couple of their own (Grafton Brewery) beers that they had on that evening. It may be marked up as having an ABV of 4.8%, but I suspect that it was quite a bit stronger… it definitely felt that way! At only £2.10 a pint, I quaffed a few!

I can't recommend Rosina's to you. However, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Grafton Hotel.