Sonali Spice - Hornsea, East Yorkshire

New Road, Hornsea, East Yorkshire
Telephone: 01964 535 260 

Opening Times:
7 Days a Week: 6:00pm to 11:00pm

"And the BLAND played on!"
Date of Visit: Monday 22/09/14, 6:30pm

If you like Ska, R&B, Punk; anything punchy (spicy) or different and you like your Indian’s the same way… then you aren’t going to like the Stock, Aitken and Waterman of Indian restaurants… “And the bland played on”

Hornsea is a one horse or more accurately a one Indian restaurant town (there is a take-away, which a couple of the locals inform me is better than the eat in restaurant)… and it shows!

I’ve had spicier Pot Noodles!

Special Mixed Kebab £3.50 (Seekh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Kebab)
The Seekh Kebab had been made from scratch but was spiceless. The lamb and chicken meat in the Tikka were both of excellent quality but again, were lacking in any spicing.

Chicken Rogan Josh (£6.50) – I asked for this dish to be served medium Madras hot, in the hope that a half decent dish be presented. Alas, even requesting for it to be made in this way added nothing to the dish. The meal was so bland, that I ate the starters and main course without even taking one sip from the glass of water that was presented once I’d started my main dish.

The Naan (£1.95) was quite good, though a little small.
The Pilau Rice (£2.50) was ok, but over priced.

£15 - to not be curried. As I sit here now, an hour later, I feel that the hours round trip and the subsequent expense was a complete waste of money.

If you are holidaying on the East coast and fancy an Indian, then I’d try elsewhere.

If you live in Hornsea and want an Indian, then it may be worth the drive to Bridlington or Hull?

I dined at the Bengal Lancer at Withernsea two days after I had written this review, a restaurant that I’d recommend to anyone.

Maybe a name change to… Sonali Spiceless is required!

Awarded August 2015

There is some interesting artwork (chalk) on the interior walls of the restaurant… courtesy of a local artist.