Copley Road, Doncaster, DN1 2QW
Telephone: 01302 760 760 
Opening Times:
Sun & Mon: 5:00pm - 11:00pm
Tues to Sat: 11:00am - 11:00pm

"Good To Return To The Home Land"
Date of Visit: Friday 20/10/17 - 3:30pm 

Popadoms - gratis and accompanied by a very impressive 5 dish pickle tray
Seekh Kebab - £2.50
Veg Pakora - £2.00
Chicken Biriani - £5.50
Garlic Chili Chicken - £5.50
Chapatis - 50p 
Chips - £1.20

We prefer going to Desi's mid afternoon, as they aren't so busy with takeaway business then - as most people are still at work. This means, that Chef can put his heart & soul in to your dish... and, he does.

We like this place as the owners are affable, gregarious chaps who always give us a very friendly welcome.

Today, the Popadoms were fresh, plentiful and the five dish pickle tray was excellent!

In the past, we've rated the Vegetable Pakoras five star. Today, though fresh and tasty, they weren't quite up to the mind blowing standard that Desi's are known for on their Veg Pakoras (4/5)

They nailed the Seekh Kebabs (5/5), freshly made, meaty and spicy. Fantastic.

When the Greyhounds Chicken Biryani (4/5) arrived, I just knew that he'd be taking some home in a takeout box. The portion size was mountainous! The dish contained copious amounts of premium quality white chicken. Maybe a tad more sauce was needed with this feast... I should have photographed it!

My Chicken Jalfrezi (4/5), I elected to have madras hot - at Desi's, you can pick the spicing of the curry... medium, madras, vindaloo. It was a good dish, nice chicken, nice quantity, nice spicing.

The Chips were fine, better than KFC's I think. The Chapatis were ok, though I prefer mine a little lighter.

In summary, we always get a decent curry here. Today was a top end 4 star meal, banging on the door of a five star rating. Maybe if they had some Rasmali or Barfi to go with a cup of tea, then it would be the complete restaurant in South Yorkshire and would surely be a five star establishment.

For value, convenience and friendliness... it can't be beaten!

Try it mid-afternoon - highly recommended.