Royal Saffron - Conisbrough, Doncaster

(Sun 2nd August 2015)


Station Road, Conisbrough, Doncaster, DN12 3DD
Telephone: 01709 869 417

Opening Times:
Sun: 4pm - 11pm
Mon to Sat: 5pm - 11:30pm

 "Big Bucks, Small Bang - A Lilliputian Curry"
Date of Visit: Friday 16/01/15 - 7:00pm

Mixed Kebab £3.50
Pakora's £3.25
Chicken Usmani £7.95
Chicken Dopiaza £6.95
Chapatti 75p
Naan £2.25

The Mixed Kebab was the second smallest starter that I have ever seen.

My friends Pakora's take the Gold Medal in the exiguous stakes - they were minuscule… 3 marble sized pieces. Purloined, legally. 

The description of my Chicken Usmani read - "Succulent pieces of chicken cubes marinated in aphrodisiac spices with ginger, spring onions, methi, shallots, fresh green chillies, including crispy red peppers - will surely activate sensuality and consequently inhibit clear and high thing. A very hot dish only one for the brave."

My thought process wasn't impeded, nor did I feel a heightened level of sensuality (lol) or particularly brave… as the dish wasn't excessively hot - probably of a Bradford Madras level.

The Chicken Dopiaza was nothing special.

The main dish portion sizes were deceptively small. The dishes in which they were served were quite large (length & width) but had no depth - as a result, there was hardly any volume.  In plain English, and in my opinion, they are ripping people off. 

Following the Lilliput theme, the Naan and Chapatti's were also small.

There is nothing whatsoever to recommend this place - over priced, under sized! Embarrassing!

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