Ottringham Tandoori - East Yorkshire

Now known as Zaras

The White Horse, Keyingham Road, Ottringham, East Yorkshire
Telephone: 01964 625 883

Opening Times:
7 Days a Week 5:30pm to 11:00pm

"It could have been a White Elephant - but, it's not"
Date of Visit: Thursday 25/09/14, 6:00pm 

Onion Bhaji £2.70
Chicken Rogan Josh £6.50
Naan £2.20

Pilau Rice £2.20

During WW2, BBC Radio Ottringham was the most powerful radio transmitter in the world.
What message would the Ottringham Tandoori give out? Would it be a case of another BBC (Bloody Bland Curry)?

Operating in the husk of the former White Horse pub in a village with a dwindling population of only 597 (2011 UK census – 637 in 2001)

The Ottringham Tandoori has carved itself a niche in the market, operating since 2006. I guess it must also draw its clientele from the surrounding villages of (perhaps) Preston, Hedon, Paull, Thorngumbald, Burstwick, Keyingham, Roos and the town of Withernsea.

The restaurant and pub is well appointed and tastefully decorated. The owners are of Pakistani origin, previously owning a restaurant in Bridlington.

Sometimes, one can become de-railed. Checking the menu of the Mangla (Sheffield), I note that the Onion Bhaji’s are a paltry 90p. The Ottringham Tandoori is charging three times that!

Chicken Rogan Josh is £4.80, Pilau Rice £1.70 and Naan £1.70 at Mangla

The meal at Ottringham Tandoori cost £13.60; the same fare at Mangla would only set you back £9.10.

That’s £4.50 more expensive, a whopping 49.45% uplift against Mangla.

And, if the truth were told, Mangla is far superior to this establishment.
I digress.

The Onion Bhaji’s were obviously freshly made - were large and spherical, lacking in spice but were accompanied by an acceptable amount of salad and a sweet (surely the point of eating at an Indian restaurant is for the spice!) sauce. The Bhaji’s were of good quality, but, not how I like/want them.

The Naan was good, but was the smallest that I have ever been served, smaller even than the one presented at the Bengal Lancer (Withernsea) the night before. Not good value at £2.20.

The Pilau Rice was disappointing. It was obviously from a precooked pot and was cloying and sticking together – at least run a fork through it to “fluff it up” and separate the grains. Again, not good value at £2.20.

The Rogan Josh was ok, acceptable. I know that the dish was cooked from scratch, as I detected the aromas that I associate with the cooking process when I cook dishes at home – maybe their extractor fan wasn’t working.

Overall, it wasn’t a disaster. A little overpriced… but I guess that they can get away with it out in the sticks.

Personally, if I were a local, then I’d make the short journey (8 miles) to the Bengal Lancer at Withernsea.

Next time I’m out this way, I may call in and try another dish.

Awarded June 2015