Taste of Madras - Rotherham


Wellgate, Rotherham, S60 2LR
Telephone: 01709 290 573

Photo to follow.

Opening Times:
Tues to Sun - 11am to 3pm
Tues to Sun - 5pm to 11pm

 "Overpriced, Undersized Portions"
Date of Visit: Saturday: 23/05/15 - 6:30pm

Plain Dosa £3.50 - though complimentary on this visit.
Veg Platter £6.50 
Palak Paneer £5.25
Chicken Madras £5.75
Plain Naan 90p

When we visited, the restaurant had only been open a week. There are currently 7 reviews on Trip Advisor but 6 of those look as if they have been left by the owner / management / staff / family.

The Veg Platter starter at £6.50 is very expensive for the small portion size that you receive - the choice is also restricted by the fact that certain items from the starter menu aren't available. A Trading Standards issue? - as this isn't mentioned on the menu. 
We thought that this was a starter for 2 and were massively disappointed when it was served. The "platter" consisted of one small Onion Bhaji, a tiny Onion Pakora, a minuscule Potato Pakora and a portion of Sambar Vadai.
Having to cut the items in half and share was ridiculous. The staff should have given more information on the content of the dish. We were embarrassed.

The spinach in the Palak Paneer was blitzed to a puree - I like to feel the texture of the spinach as I eat it. This was like baby food. 
The Chicken Madras lacked any vegetable content and the heat was delivered in the usual style of most South Yorkshire Indian Restaurants… you'll know what I mean by this from other reviews on the site.

The Plain Dosa was complimentary… but if you were paying for it, then it wouldn't be value for money - in fact it is massively overpriced. It is a very, very thin "pancake" served with a small quantity of 2 or 3 sauces / dips.

The Plain Naans weren't the best either; being a little too flat and not light and "fluffy". 

The food wasn't too bad, but, the overpricing and undersizing on the portions drives the overall star rating down to just 2 stars.

I wouldn't recommend it to you. I'd walk 50 yards further up the street to Zaika.

I've just found the following image of the Palak Paneer dish on their website.
This is how I expected and wanted my dish to be served.
Not as a soup with bits of cheese in.

Awarded June 2015

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