Naaz - Doncaster

Baldwin Avenue, Doncaster, DN5 9BG 
Telephone: 01302 788882
Opening Times:
Mon to Thur: 5:30pm to 11:00pm
Fri & Sat: 5:30pm to 11:30pm
Sun: 5:30pm to 10:30pm

"Loud & Proud"
Date of Visit: Saturday 11/07/15 - 6:00pm

Mixed Starter £6.95 (for two)
Saag Paneer £2.90 (as a starter)

Chapatti 50p (with the Saag Paneer)
Mixed Vegetable Bhazi £5.50
Methi Chicked Masala £6.95
Methi Lamb Masala £6.95
Plain Naan £1.80

We last visited Naaz 8 months ago, and at the time, the headline in the review was "Je Naaz (Ne) Sais Pas" - I don't know.

Well, I think I do now. The interior of the restaurant is smart and modern… but it feels as if you are seated on the dance floor of a nightclub.  If you visit, you'll see what I mean. This is more apparent if you dine early in the evening when the building is virtually empty. Well, that's the "Loud" part of the headline, the Proud is the Sanskrit meaning of the word Naaz.

For a starter, I went for the Saag Paneer (5/5) and a Chapatti and was well rewarded. There was plenty of tasty paneer in the dish and the spinach was well drained and wasn't overcooked. 

The Mixed Starter for two (3/5) was a disappointment, despite negotiations with the waiter before ordering. Old IronGuts and The Greyhound thought that they had done a deal consisting of Onion Bhaji, Veg Pakora and a Seekh Keebab - they didn't receive what they expected and were downbeat about the content and quantity of what was served. It didn't look value for money. 
What they were after was the Mixed Kebab (£3.95) with the Vegetable Pakoras substituting for the Shami Keebab.

The Mixed Vegetable Bhazi (5/5) was excellent, with lots of chunky fresh vegetables in an intricately spiced and piquant sauce. Old IronGuts and The Greyhound went for Methi Lamb Masala (4/5) and the Methi Chicken Masala (3/5) respectively. I think Old IronGuts was "off form", as he failed to complete his main and The Greyhound and I had to come to his aid to finish… and for once, he didn't order rice in addition to a bread/s! The Greyhound thought that his chicken dish was weaker than the lamb one. This coupled with the dud of a starter meant that The Greyhounds experience was a poor one and he commented that Naaz were only deserving of three stars.

The Naan Breads were good, as was the Chapatti; which are good value.

Awarded November 2015



"Je Naaz Sais Pas"
Date of Visit: Saturday 22/11/14 - 6:00pm

Ahhh… well; I do!

The vast majority of South Yorkshire restaurants serve bland, spice-less starters. Naaz is no exception to the rule… though the quality of the fare is of a good standard.

The second rule of South Yorkshire curry's, is, that the spice levels of the main dishes are always at least  one notch below what you would be served in Bradford. Again, Naaz follows this convention.
For example, the curry I ordered on Saturday night was rated as 3 chilies; to my palate, it was more like a 2 chili dish.

Naaz is a very tastefully appointed restaurant run by an affable, welcoming and friendly M'aitre D'. Likewise, the waiters are also very friendly and receptive to requests/discussions.

A couple of Poppadoms each and a 5 dip pickle tray were presented to our table shortly after we'd had our initial chat with the M'aitre D'. Normally, we'd pass on these, but they were complimentary and we didn't want to offend mein host.

Had we been rumbled? 3 middle aged chaps out early Saturday evening, turning their advances of alcoholic drink and poppadoms down? Had the close knit Asian community "tagged" us? Maybe, but most likely not!

Mixed Kebab £3.95
Bashahi £7.95
Mushroom Pilau Rice £2.50
Chapatti 50p 

The Mixed Kebab was made up of my 3 favourite components, Seekh KebabShami Kebab and an Onion Bhaji. The offerings were of an average size, fresh, home made and of good quality… but, as (nearly) ever, lacking in spice.

The Bashahi dish was described as "Chicken or Meat cooked in a Chefs special sauce with fresh spinach, potatoes, green chillies, diced onions, tomatoes and coriander - highly recommended".
The dish left a favourable impression containing the ingredients listed in the description. As stated above, it was rated as a 3 chilli dish, however, I thought it was a little more tame and would rate it as a 2 chilli dish. If I was pressed to rate it out of ten, then I would give it a 7 or an 8.

The Mushroom Pilau Rice was done well. The Chapattis were a bargain at 50p each.

My two companions rated their dishes as 5/10 (a special vegetable dish) and 8/10 respectively.

Our pre-meal watering hole on this occasion was Ivanhoe on Melton Road, Sprotbrough - where a very  decent pint of Sam Smiths Extra Malt will set you back a mere £2.20!