Emaan - Rotherham

New Owners - No Longer Recommended

We returned to Emaan's last year, only to find that the establishment has new owners.
The new crew were a bit of a shambles to be honest. They had lots of order tickets (visible to the public) to process but there didn't appear to be any logic or haste as to how they were processing them.
Whilst we were in residence, the telephone rang on numerous occasions with callers enquiring as to how long their order would be. The friendly delivery driver informed me that customers are fobbed off and that they are having to wait 90 minutes to a couple of hours for their food.
At that rate, they will run out of customers fairly quickly.
No wonder they were receiving so many complaints.
We waited, were eventually served... and then left.
The food was edible, from memory, we rated it as a 2 star establishment.
Previously, under the old owners, we could put up with all it's failings with regards to the structure of the building and the fact that it isn't really a restaurant - it was worth "slumming" it, as the food was that good!
I can't see us returning.

Wellgate Road, Rotherham, S60 2NN
Telephone: 01709 378 995 
Opening Times:
Sun to Thurs: 5:00pm - 12:00 midnight
Fri & Sat: 5:00pm - 01:00am

"Great Food… Pity It Isn't A True Restaurant"
Date of Visit: Friday 11/09/15 - 6:30pm 

Mushroom Pakora - £2.00 (7 or 8 pieces)
Seekh Keebab - £2.85 (3 pieces)
Samosa Onion - £2.85 (3 pieces)
Chicken Methi - £4.40
Chicken Rogan Josh - £4.40
Lamb Dopiaza £4.40
Roti - 60p
Mushroom Rice - £2.00

As Emaan's is primarily a takeaway - the rating is based entirely on the quality of the food.

The Mushroom Pakoras (5/5) were back to their wonderful best. The Meat Samosas (5/5), were even better! with Old IronGuts commenting that they were the best that he'd tasted anywhere. The Seekh Kebabs (4/5) maybe just lacked a bit in the spicing.

The Chicken Methi (5/5) was on top form. The Lamb Dopiaza (5/5) was excellent, as was the Chicken Rogan Josh (5/5). 

The Rotis are outstanding value for money. They are one of the biggest and heaviest we have had anywhere. The Mushroom Rice was thoroughly enjoyed.

Just a reminder, that this is one for the curryholics only. It's really only a takeaway that has 3 or 4 tables thrown in to allow you to eat your burger n chips etc out of the rain / wind - it's not set up for a full blown Indian meal.

Awarded January 2016



"A Curry Cafe / Takeaway Serving Good Quality Food"
Date of Visit: Tuesday 21st July 2015 - 6pm 

Mushroom Pakora - £2.00 (7 or 8 pieces)
Seekh Keebab - £1.90 (2 pieces)
Onion Bhaji - £1.80
Chicken Methi - £4.40
Lamb Methi - £4.40
Pallk Gosht - £4.50
Roti - 60p

Todays visit didn't quite match last Saturdays… yet the food was still good.
This review is concise due to the fact that Emaan's is primarily a takeaway.

The Mushroom Pakoras (4/5) were a little stodgier and not quite the food of the Gods that we experienced on Saturday. On this visit, the Seekh Keebabs (4/5) were slightly the better of the three starters. The Onion Bhaji's (3/5) trailed in third place.

The Chicken Methi (5/5) was excellent, again; as was the Lamb Methi (5/5). The Pallk Gosht (4/5) was a good dish and contained plenty of pieces of tender Lamb with Spinach.

The Rotis and Pilau Rice were fine.



"Zero Kerb Appeal - Mayfair Currys!
Date of Visit: Saturday 18th July 2015 - 5pm 

Mushroom Pakora - £2.00 (7 or 8 pieces)
Seekh Keebab - £1.90 (2 pieces)
Chicken Methi - £4.40
Chicken Rogan Josh - £4.40
Chapatti - 50p
Roti - 60p
Naan - £1.80

The King is dead; long live the King.
In our opinion, this is currently the most luminous star in Curry Heaven!
We entered the premises expecting an average, so, so curry and were blown away.
It really is that good!

The negatives (for most of you readers) will be that this is primarily a takeaway and only has seating for 12 covers. The other "drawback" (not for us) is that the starters were served in polystyrene containers and the mains in plastic takeaway containers.

We are re-visiting the place tomorrow (Tuesday) evening as Old IronGuts missed out at the weekend. Watch this space for a follow on review. We are taking our own Balti dishes and plates with us.

The Mushroom Pakoras, were, without doubt, the best starter that I have sampled anywhere - exquisite! Maybe slightly shaded but just as good were the Seekh Keebabs. I sampled mine before applying the mint yoghurt sauce and found them to be excellent - nice and spicy, fresh and with good quality meat. I rate both starters even above the fabled Zaika's! Salad and the mint yoghurt sauce accompanied the starters. An excellent precursor to the main course and five stars so far!

The Chicken Methi was excellent, the Rogan Josh very, very good. Both dishes were of a spicing level on par with Curry Houses in Bradford! The Methi was sublime! The Rogan Josh carried ample vegetables to distinguish it as a RJ and was intricately spiced. Both dishes contained copious amounts of good quality chicken. The mains matched the starters - 5/5.

The Chapattis and Rotis are excellent value for money and of good quality. The Naan was pricier and came in at what is about the average for restaurants in South Yorkshire. 

Whilst dining, The Greyhound commented "did I fall asleep and wake up in Bradford?"

I've had this dilemma before - whether to post a review on what is primarily a takeaway. My thoughts are... that I should. Ok, so maybe the vast majority of the readers of this site will say/think "never in a million years" - however, there maybe one or two curry aficionado's who wish to try it.

There are no toilets, I guess they get around that by stating that the tables are just a waiting area. We didn't mind as we'd used the toilets in the Masons Arms which is a couple of doors further down the street.

They have a food hygiene rating of 4 stars.

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