Spice Lounge - Swinton, Rotherham

112 Church Street, Swinton, Rotherham, S64 8DQ
Telephone: 01709 584 558
Opening Hours:
Sun to Fri 6pm to 11pm
Sat 6pm to 11:30pm

"A typical SYIR (South Yorkshire Indian Restaurant)"
Date of Visit: 21/06/14

The Mixed Kebab (£3.25) consisted of - Onion Bhaji, which was excellent. The Seekh Kebab is the worst that I have eaten anywhere. It was cold, spice-less, small and aesthetically challenged. The Shami Kebab was equally as poor, again cold and spice-less. 

The Chapattis (60p) were excellent, of a good size, very hot, light and with a nice texture. 

My Chicken Jalfrezi (£6.20) was a disappointment, lacking in fresh spices and key ingredients. 
How were they going to deliver "Apna style" here, as promised by the Head Waiter? - by throwing a few extra fresh chillies in to each of the dishes! So, adding fresh chilies to a dish that already features fresh chillies makes it Apna?... bizarre.

Beware the common pot - which is a base sauce that sits on the back burner in the kitchen; then, Chef adds the spices, seasonings, vegetables and meats to shape and skilfully craft each individual dish. 

All 3 dishes - Chicken Curry, Chicken Tikka Dupiaza and Chicken Jalfrezi all looked to have altered very little from the common pot to the skillet to the table.

My curry was edible; the sauce was pretty nondescript, a la common pot. The only heat to note was from the whole chillies that had been thrown in to the dish, I guess towards the end of the cooking process as they weren't particularly soft.

At the time of the visit the restaurant had a One Star FSA rating.

Awarded March 2015