Parkgate - Rotherham

Broadstreet, Parkgate, Rotherham, S62 6DX
Telephone: 01709 525 502

Opening Times:
Sun to Thurs 6:00pm to 1:00am
Fri & Sat 6:00pm to 2:00am

"All Sauce And No Substance"
Date of Visit: Saturday 27/06/15 - 6:30pm 

Poppadoms - 60p
Pickle Tray - £2.50 
Mixed Keebab - £3.50 (Seekh Keebab, Shami Keebab, Onion Bhaji)
Chicken Tikka Korai Bangladeshi - £7.60
Murgh Shaslik - £7.60
Plain Naan - £2.20
Garlic Naan - £2.70
Peshwari Naan - £2.80
Fresh Salad - ?
Ice Cream - ?
Coffee - ?

The new (in the last few weeks) facade looks very drab… was it prettier in pink?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are "Banquet Night" - where 5 courses will set you back £12.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are "Half Price Night" - where everything on the Menu is half price.

Is there an air of desperation enveloping this restaurant?

We all opted for the Mixed Keebab starter which consisted of a Seekh KeebabShami Keebab and an Onion Bhaji (the flat variant) - all three were surprisingly good. The Greyhound reminded us "that we may need to apply the first rule of Indian restaurants"; i.e. a poor main dish often follows good starters.

And The Greyhounds prediction transpired - the mains were poor.

Chef obviously made use of "the common pot", as two of us ordered the same dish, the Chicken Tikka Korai Bangladeshi  - and the Murgh (Chicken) Shaslik only seemed to differ by the addition of 3 or 4 chillies/peppers.

The balti dishes in which the main courses were served had no depth to them which resulted in the portion sizes being small. None of us had rice with our dishes, yet we mopped up our curry and still had part of our Naan breads remaining.

The chicken in the dishes wasn't the best breast meat or even from the poorer, darker meat of the bird. Our thoughts were that the chicken was the mechanically modified or reconstituted meat, which is of a much lower quality but cheaper for the restauranter.  The main dishes are the crucial most important part of the meal and where the establishment shouldn't stinge. 

We rated the main dishes as 2/5 - the starters were probably just in the 4/5 category.

The Plain, Garlic and Peshwari Naans were all of good quality, though a little flat.

We had what was described to us as a "Fresh Salad" with the mains. We should have gone with the alternative Chips option as the "salad" was tiny and had to be shared by 3 people.

The Greyhound rounded off his meal with an excellent cup of coffee, whilst Old Ironguts and myself finished with some good quality ice-cream.

The service was of a high standard.

If only they had used good quality breast meat, then we would have awarded this restaurant four star status. As it is, it is only deserving of a lower end three star award - they really need to sort the mains out in terms of quality and quantity!

Awarded July 2015

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