Jaishu's - Bircotes, Nottinghamshire

Scrooby Road, Bircotes, Nottinghamshire DN11 8JN
Telephone: 01302 215 388

Opening Times:
Mon to Sun 5:30pm to 11:00pm

"Nearly Three Years On, Had Anything Changed?"

Date of Visit: Saturday 18/08/17 - 7pm

In a nutshell, no.
Starters are still a little on the expensive side and quite bland and ordinary. 
I had the Mixed Vegetable Platter (2/5) - the cheese had been burnt in places, the onion bhaji, vegetable samosa and aloo chop were all minuscule and pretty tasteless.
The Mix Vegetable Balti (4/5) was my main dish and a good choice.
Jaishus Special Naan at £4.80 was a massive disappointment and small in size. The family naan at £4 was better value. The special naan was even smaller than the standard naans. I felt ripped off and nicely expressed my opinion with the manager (Raj, I think).
The Pillau Rice was ok.
The reviews on Just Eat are a mixed bag, as was our experience.



"This Place Could Be A Little Gem"
Date of Visit: Saturday 01/11/14 - 7pm

Formerly known as "Paradise"  and as "The Indhira" prior to that incarnation.

The nearest Indian Restaurant to my abode is Al-Raj on Carr House Road, a mere 1 mile by Shanks' Pony… one day, I may review it. So, why did we make a round trip of 20 miles to visit Jaishu's? It was simply a moment of capriciousness… or was it?
We'd had our quota (not sure if it would be PC Plods's though) of real ale (Ghost Ship  - obviously a promotional beer for the previous nights All Hallowes' Eve and Ruddles County) at The Turnpike, Bawtry and set sail for what we thought was Paradise in our very own ghost ship on All Hallowes' Night.

On arrival, we thought we'd been trick or treated, as Paradise was lost and a confusing sign that I have learned (t'intenets gud, innit) this morning read Jaishu's.

In Urdu, Jaish means excellent and of high quality… would the same apply to Jaishu's?
Raj, the owner (I think) is from the Indian state of Andra Pradesh, who's capital is Hyderabad (Hyder's Abode… which translates to Lion City). Would this restaurant roar or let out a whimper?

Onion Bhaji £2.90 (2 large pieces)
Chicken Rogan Josh £5.90
Plain Naan £1.80

Seekh Kebab £3.00 (2 pieces) - though on the electronic itemised bill at the end of the meal, these were listed at £3.80.
Chicken Saagwala £5.90
Mixed Vegetable Balti £6.20
Garlic Naan £2.00
Pilau Rice £2.00

We were all in agreement that the starters were over priced. My starter of choice is usually the Mixed Kebab but at £4.95, it was nightlight (it was dark… lol … can you throw a laugh out loud in and hope to be taken seriously?) robbery and I opted for something a little less taxing on the wallet. 
My Seekh Kebab was cold, I was going to send it back and ask them to ping it in the microwave but I resisted and didn't make a fuss. The kebabs had obviously been made from scratch, which is what you expect when dining out. I can buy deep frozen seekh kebabs, samosas and onion bhajis from any ethnic supermarket. Restauranteurs, please note! The accompanying salad perfunctory and languid, why such a small amount? the dip, sweet.My two friends were happy with the temperature of their Seekh Kebab's and Onion Bhaji's (the Bhaji did look good) and thought that the starters were of good quality but not spicy. The Chef upped his game with the main courses… which were pretty good to be fair.My Chicken Saagwala was a good dish containing plenty of fresh Palak (Spinich) and abounding with big good quality chunks of breast chicken.My friend who had the Chicken Rogan Josh rated his dish as being in four star territory and better than my other friend who scored his Mixed Vegetable Balti 6/10.The Naan Breads were outstanding, the best I/we've had in a long time. There was nothing wrong with the Pilau Rice.

If only my starter hadn't been cold
If only they hadn't missed my friends Naan Bread off the order...
If only the price of the Seekh Kebab on the menu matched that printed on the till receipt

It's a small restaurant, so it may be advisable to book on Friday & Saturday evenings. Having said that, there was only one other group (made up of maybe 4 adults and 4 young children) dining during our visit.
A few little tweaks and I would be happy to award this restaurant four stars.
I like Raj, he was an affable engaging chap and I wish him and his business well.
I intend to return here in the future and I recommend Jaishu's to you.
Hyderabad is known as the City of Pearls… this place could be a little gem!

Awarded July 2015

Musings and Rambles

And so the SYCG dips a tentacle in to Nottinghamshire to add to it's outings in South and also East Yorkshire as well as Lincolnshire.

NELS Curry Guide anyone? - Nottinghamshire, East Yorks, Lincolnshire and South Yorks.
As I noted last week, the recession appears to continue to be hitting people hard. 
Is there a need for a SYCG when it appears that people can no longer afford to eat out?

As we left Jaishu's the only people in the restaurant were a young couple having a romantic evening meal…maybe?

After dropping a friend off in Armthorpe, I noted that Ashoka was sparsely populated. It looked as if only one or two tables were in use.