Zaika - Rotherham

Wellgate, Rotherham, S60 2LR
Telephone: 01709 300 400  

Opening Times:
Sun to Sat: 11am - 11pm

"No Rush To Return - Only Scoring 3 Star The Last 2 Visits
Date of Visit: Sunday 27/10/17 - 1:00pm

Medium Seekh Kebab £2.50 (2 pieces)
Medium Seekh Kebab £2.50 (2 pieces)
Medium Chicken Karahi £6.50
Medium Daal Karahi £4.50
Roti 50p
Chapati 60p
Naan £1.10

The Seekh Kebabs (3/5), were a bit of a disappointment to be honest. Spicy but not the top quality meat that we have enjoyed recently in places such as Nur (Edlington) and Spice Hut (Thorne).
The Shami Kebabs (3/5) were pretty average too.

The Greyhounds Chicken Karahi (4/5) was as good as ever.
My Daal Karahi (3/5) was pretty average.

The Naan is the better of the breads, followed by the Chapatis, with the Roti bringing up the rear. Even then, the Naan is only fairly average.



"While The Cats Away...
Date of Visit: Sunday 27/12/15 - 3:00pm

Medium Seekh Kebab £2.20 (2 pieces)
Medium Vegetable Pakora £1.20 (4 or 5 pieces each)
Saag Aloo  £3.95
Chicken Curry £3.95
Chicken Madras £5.00
Roti 50p
Naan £1.10

Once again, we paid homage to The Tiger at The Concertina Band Club in Mexborough. On our previous visit, the Brewer had given us the history of the strain of yeast that was used in the Old Tiger and explained that his culture had been lost due to a refrigerator malfunction. Through his many connections, Andy (the Brewer) had managed to source a derivative of the original yeast and thankfully production of our favourite tipple was back in full swing.

The intermediate Tiger was a pale imitation of its legendary predecessor. However, rejoice, the new Tiger is almost as good as the original. Maybe after its bedded in after a few cycles, it will attain the status of its "grandfather".

And the Curry, well, it ended up being something of a mixed bag.

The Seekh Kebabs, were as ever, excellent. The Vegetable Pakoras were too doughy and heavy, containing little vegetable content.

My Saag Aloo was very enjoyable and nicely spiced, 4/5.

A few weeks earlier at Sheffield Zaikai, I'd had a standard Chicken Curry which they did Madras hot for me. It was very good. On todays visit to Zaika Rotherham, the Greyhound went for the same dish. Sadly. it didn't go to plan.

They wouldn't do the Chicken Curry Madras hot, so he ended up with an off the menu Chicken Madras. at £5.00. He was bitterly disappointed with the dish that was presented. No intricate spicing here - just a couple of heaped teaspoons of chilli and curry powder. He awarded the dish 1/5.

The breads were fine, being of good quality and value.

I feel as if I must add a footnote here. 
This was the first visit, where the owner hadn't been on site. We've experienced noticeable dips in quality of food and service on several occasions on our visits to various restaurants - these normally occur when either the Head Chef or the Owner isn't working.

Awarded November 2015



"Nothing New To Report.
Date of Visit: Saturday 31/10/15 - 3:00pm

Medium Seekh Kebab £2.20 (2 pieces)
Medium Vegetable Pakora £1.20 (4 or 5 pieces each)
Chicken Jalfrezi £5.99
Mushroom Bhaji £3.50 (side dish)
Gobi Aloo £3.50 (side dish)
Roti 50p
Naan £1.10

The Concertina Band Club in Mexborough was this weeks watering hole. The Brewer has had to change the yeast used to ferment the Tiger due to the refrigerator dying. Sadly, the old Tiger (it was awesome! - we'd been drinking it for 15 years plus) is no more. The Tiger is dead, long live the Tiger.

You always know what you are going to get at Zaika, Rotherham, which is exactly why we have visited it so often. It consistently scores four stars.

The Greyhound and I shared the starters and mains and had a Roti and a Naan each. We'd have preferred the Jalfrezi to have been a touch spicier. The side dishes were very flavoursome. 




"Methi-nks It Wasn't.
Date of Visit: Saturday 22/08/15 - 2:00pm

Large Seekh Kebab £3.30 (3 pieces)
Large Vegetable Pakora £1.80 (5 or 6 pieces each)
Dall Karahi £3.99
Chicken Methi £5.99
Tarka Dall £3.50 (side dish)
Roti 50p
Naan £1.10

The Bridge Inn was the pub of choice and the Boltmaker (Timothy Taylor) is now on the highly recommended list. The Landlord was decent but not in the same league as the Boltmaker.

The Sheekh Kebabs and Vegetable Pakoras were excellent, as usual - 4/5.
The Tarka Dall and Dall Karahi were rated 4/5.
They said that they would do us (The Greyhound and I) a Chicken Methi (3/5), even though it wasn't listed on the menu. The dish that was served was ok but it wasn't really a Methi - the lack of fenugreek was was very noticeable. I guess we should have stuck to the standard menu.

The breads were good.



"More than just Kebabs & Sweets… Great Curries.
Date of Visit: Saturday 07/03/15 - 2:00pm

The William Fry was out of bounds again; due to a private function this time. The Mail Coach stepped up to the mark once more. At least we learned that The William Fry no longer sells real ale; and I inadvertently learned that I don't like Vanilla Stout. I saw the word "Stout" on the clip but no mention of vanilla, for me, it wasn't a winning combination.

Large Sheekh Kebab £3.30 (3 pieces)
Large Veg Pakora £1.80 (more than enough!)
Medium Shami Kebab £2.20 (2 pieces)
Medium Lamb Karahi £5.99
Medium Chicken Patia £5.99
Medium Chicken Jalfrezi Karahi £5.99
Tandoori Roti 50p
Pilau Rice £1.30
Barfi £6.99 per Kg

The Seekh Kebabs were excellent! Highly recommended. The Shami Kebab's were probably the best of this type that I have eaten in South Yorkshire. The Vegetable Pakora's weren't as fresh/good as those served at the Sheffield Zaika last week.

With hindsight, we all probably ordered just a shade too much. Two of us finished everything off, the third was defeated. I'd have probably felt more comfortable post-meal if I hadn't had the portion of Shami Kebab… but saying that, I'd have then missed out on a treat. The starters were served with a plate of salad and rather surprisingly, a second plateful was served with the mains.

The sweet & sour Chicken Patia was a good curry but the sweetness became a little overpowering towards the end. The Lamb Karahi was excellent as was the Chicken Jalfrezi Karahi.

Both Zaika's take the Gold Medal for breads. The Tandori Roti's are excellent and a mere 50p! There was nothing wrong with the Pillau Rice.

We seek it here, we seek it there… Rasmalai - damn, they'd sold out on this occasion.

One of us took a portion of his favourite Pistachio Barfi home with him.

A highly recommend restaurant!


Wellgate, Rotherham, S60 2LR
Telephone: 01709 300 400  

"Zaika India Ka… A taste of India.
Date of Visit: Saturday 27/12/14 - 4:00pm

Or, in this case, a taste of Pakistan.
Zaika simply means… taste.

The William Fry and its four cask ales was meant to be our pre-meal pub of choice; however, it wasn't open. So, we slipped and slid a little further along Wellgate towards the very heart of Rotherham's town centre and came across The Mail Coach. As conditions were treacherous (snow & ice),  we sought refuge amongst the locals in the warm, former coaching inn.

Poppadoms 30p
Onion Bhaji £1.50
Seekh Kebab £2.20
Lamb Dopiaza Karahi £5.50
Chicken Jalfezi Karahi £5.99
Plain Naan £1.10
Chapatti 50p
Tandoori Roti 60p
Pilau Rice £1.30
Rasmalai £1.50

Another great Bradford style curry cafe. This is the sister restaurant to the Zaika at Attercliffe, Sheffield.
So, how was it? I hear you ask.
I'd stay clear of the Onion Bhajis as they are far too doughy, stodgy and heavy for my liking.
The Seekh Kebabs were… excellent! If you are new to Indian food and wish to sample a good quality version of this starter, then here or the Mangla (Sheffield) are probably the best exponents.
The Lamb and Chicken Karahi's were warmly enjoyed by all 3 of us - though one of my friends did say that the currys at Zaika, Sheffield do tend to be one notch higher on the spiceometer!
The breads and rice were of good quality and very sensibly priced!
We seek it here, we seek it there… Rasmalai - brilliant; and made on the premises. If Zaika can do this, then why not others?
I'd highly recommend this restaurant to you!
p.s. - watch out for the chill sauce… it'll blow your head off!