Shabir's - Doncaster

East Laith Gate, Doncaster, DN1 1HZ
Telephone: 01302 365 022

Shabir's Restaurant Website

Opening Times:
Sun to Thurs 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Monday: Closed
Fri & Sat 5:00pm to midnight

"A Handsome Meal"
Date of Visit: Saturday 27/02/16 - 7:00pm 

Chicken Pakora £3.45
Fish Pakora £3.45
Seekh Kebab £2.95
Onion & Potato Bhaji £2.95
Meat Handi £7.45
Fish Karahi £7.45
Chicken Karahi £7.45
Lamb Korma £7.95
Naan £2.25
Garlic Naan £2.75
Fuit & Nut Naan £3.25
Chips £2.50
Cobra (bottle) £3

In Arabic, Shabir means, "extremely handsome" / "extremely generous".

What does it mean to The South Yorkshire Curry Guide? To cut to the chase, its a large classy restaurant where you will get a good curry coupled with impressive service.

One of our group rated the Onion Bhajis (2/5) and also awarded the same score to the Seekh Kebabs (2/5). Newcastle Noel isn't keen on overly spicy foods, hence his choice of Lamb Korma (4/5). The Greyhound was much more appreciative of the spicing levels of the Bhajis (4/5) and Seekh Kebabs (4/5) and was surprised to find them so. Old Ironguts' Chicken Pakoras (3/5) were pretty average, as were my Fish Pakoras (3/5).

My Fish Karahi (2/5) was nicely spiced but contained very few pieces of fish. The fish was one of which I'd never heard and was pretty nondescript.
Old Ironguts' Meat Handi (4/5) tickled his tastebuds and received a favourable score. The Greyhounds Chicken Karahi (4/5) was a well spiced dish which he enjoyed. As previously mentioned the Lamb Korma (4/5) went down a treat with Noel.

The Naan breads are huge! I'd recommend sharing a Naan and a Rice - trust me, you'll have plenty between two people.

We recommended this restaurant. On the night, it was heaving and there was a great atmosphere about the place.

Awarded January 2016



"We Went Apna"
Date of Visit: Thursday 11/06/15 - 7:00pm 

Seekh Keebab £2.95
Onion Bhaji £2.50
Matter Keema Karahi - £7.45
Chicken Karahi - £7.45
Meat Handi £7.45
Naan - £2.25
Roti - 75p

A big restaurant that was virtually empty when we visited.
The Seekh Keebab and Onion Bhaji's were good but not of Zaika's standards. We awarded them 4/5.
We ordered all three main dishes from the Apna section. My Matter Keema Karahi was a good dish and I rated it 4/5. Old Ironguts was singing the praises of his Meat Handi and said that it was one of the best dishes he had ever had, giving it the maximum 5/5. The Greyhound wasn't as impressed with his Chicken Karahi and stated that Zaika's dish was superior to this one.
The Naan's and Roti's were ok. The Naan's in our opinion are on the pricey side.
Apna - homestyle.
Desi - of the homeland.

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