Agra 3 - Blyth

Retford Road, Blyth, Worksop, S81 8HB
Telephone: 01909 591 030 

Opening Times:
Mon to Sat: 5:30pm - 11:30pm
Sun: 5:30pm - 11:00pm

"Poor Starters - Good Meat Mains
Date of Visit: Saturday 07/11/15 - 6:00pm

Onion Bhaji - £2.95 (2 pieces)
Chicken Balti - £8.60 (Naan [£2.25] included)
Vegetarian Set Meal For 1 - £13.95 
(Onion Bhaji, Mixed Vegetable Balti, Mushroom Bhaji, Pilau Rice, Naan)

Agra, is a city in Northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state. It is home to the iconic Taj Mahal.

Would this restaurant be a curry mausoleum or a high altar of worship?

It turns out to be neither.

The Onion Bhaji's 2/5 were poor; they were non-spicy, doughy and fatty (Old IronGuts' comment) - maybe they were re-heats from Friday night?

The Chicken Balti (standard) 4/5 seemed to contain more ghee than my Madras 4/5 strength version. Both the Greyhound and I enjoyed our respective dishes. The Naan's were also good. Curry and Bread matched each other morsel for morsel. They've obviously got the portion control sorted.

The Mixed Vegetable Balti didn't impress Old IronGuts, who scored it 3/5. The Mushroom Bhaji was pretty bland and uninspiring. The Pilau Rice was fine.

Service was good - attentive without being intrusive.

My gripe with this place is that the website prices no longer reflect what they are currently charging in the restaurant. If you are going to have a website, then please try and keep it up to date. 

We thought the starters were over priced as were the breads and rice.

If we were ever to return, then we'd skip the starters and go straight to the mains.

Awarded March 2015

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