Masala - Doncaster

High Street, Bentley, Doncaster, DN5 0AA
01302 820 200

Opening Times:
Mon to Sun 5:30pm to 11:00pm

"Sunday & Wednesday Banquet - £9.95"
Date of Visit: Sunday 16/08/15 - 6:00pm

Normal prices of the items we selected:
Poppadoms 50p
Pickle Tray £2.00
Paneer Tikka £2.95
Seekh Kebab £2.95
Mixed Tikka £3.75
Chicken Hyderbadi £7.50
Methi Chicken Dupiaza £6.95
Lamb Karahi £6.95
Chef's Side Dish £2.50
Zarda Pilau Rice £2.40 (additionally ordered)
Plain Naan £1.75
Garlic Naan £1.95

If you've been reading these reviews for the last year or so, you'll know our thoughts on the pops & pickle tray - throw them in, complimentary!

My Paneer Tikka (5/5) was awesome. Highly recommended.  The Seekh and Mixed Kebab were great starters both scoring 4/5.

"A distinctly rich chicken dish cooked with tangy spices, yoghurt, bay leaf, cardamon and clove juice" is the description of the Chicken Hyderbadi. I can sum the dish up in a single word… sweet. At Masala, this wasn't a dish for me, and though it may not be a particularly bad dish (everyone's tastes are different), I didn't enjoy it. As a result, I only score the dish 2/5.

The Greyhound asked if they would do an off the menu dish - querying if they would combine the best elements of a Methi with a Dopiaza. The resultant Methi Chicken Dopiaza was particularly enjoyed and was awarded 4/5.

Old IronGuts went for the Lamb Karahi, thoroughly enjoying it and marking it 4/5.

The Zarda Pilau Rice was far too sweet, forming a sickly combination with the Hyderbadi.

The Naans were good and a slight hiccup in service saw them giving us one extra free of charge.

Overall, a great little restaurant serving good quality food. Recommended.

Please note, I would advise booking if you are going to dine here… it really is quite a small unit.

Awarded August 2015



"Masala... Enters The Spice Mix?"
Date of Visit: Wednesday 15/10/14 - 5:30pm

A small but well presented restaurant, very similar to Shimla at Armthorpe. Good quality food, but lacking in spice… typical of most restaurants in South Yorkshire.

We went for the Banquet – Poppadom & Pickle Tray, Any Starter, Any Main Course, Chefs Side Dish and a Rice or Naan for £9.95

Normal prices of the items we selected:
Poppadoms 50p
Pickle Tray £2.00
Sizzler Mix (for 2) £5.95
Meat at Masala £10.95
Mint Meat Bhuna £6.95
Side Dish £2.50
Mushroom Pilau Rice £2.40
Garlic Naan £1.95

Divvying it up, my share would normally have cost £18.85

My main dish was the Meat at Masala - “fairly hot dish. A unique mixture of chicken, meat and keema cooked with Chef’s special recipe of 21 ingredients in a thick sauce” is how it is described on the menu.
I enjoyed it, though I couldn’t identify whether 21 ingredients had been used or not. It wasn’t particularly hot spice wise; maybe the seasoning and spicing neutralized each other? At £10.95 as a regular item, I’d have felt cheated.

My friend gave his Mint Meat Bhuna a 7/10 rating, enjoying the dish.

There was nothing to not like at the offer price. However, at full price and lacking in Spice, I’d think twice!

I will be returning to further test the menu and do recommend it.