Balti Palace - Wombwell, Barnsley


High Street, Wombwell, Barnsley, S73 8HS
Telephone: 01226 759 988

Opening Times:
Sun to Thur - 5:30pm to 11:30pm
Fri & Sat - 5:30pm to 12:30am

 "The Wombwell Trilogy"
Date of Visit: Saturday: 30/05/15 - 5:30pm

Onion Bhaji £2.60 - 2 pieces.
Seekh Keebab £2.95 - 2 pieces.
Saag Paneer £2.60 - as a starter.
Chicken Naga £5.50
Chicken Korai £5.95
Meat Balti £6.10
Chapattis 60p
Plain Naan £2.10

Having previously visited Jafran (31/01/15) and Shaan's (06/02/15), we decided that it was time to conclude the Wombwell trilogy by dining at Balti Palace.

I have to say that the shop frontage does not hint at the near cavernous interior of what is quite a big restaurant… an interior that was empty when we entered - and to form, they seated us in the window.

They tried us on 2 or 3 occasions for both poppadoms and drinks. They weren't offering complimentary poppadoms* and we'd had our fair share of alcohol in The Concertina Band Club at Mexborough and The Horseshoe (Wetherspoon's) in Wombwell. 

The Onion Bhaji and Seekh Keebab were described as being typical of South Yorkshire Indian Restaurants i.e. of good quality but lacking in depth and that little bit of zing. The Saag Paneer was acceptable, though probably would have benefitted from a few more pieces of paneer. I believe the spinach was out of a can, as it had that really dark colouring and was dense. We were all in agreement that the starters were in the 3/5 territory.

The Chicken Korai was awarded 4/5 and was described as being a good quality dish and that the vegetables and spicing was integrated in to the cooking process at the correct stage and not as an afterthought. The Meat Balti scored 3/5 and did seem to be quite bland. The Chicken Naga (which I'd previously had at Balti Palace, Denaby) was also classed as a middle of the road dish with a 3/5 rating. One of my friends informed me that the Naga carried the same chilli indicator as the Vindaloo… however, I was prepared to try it, as the same dish served at Denaby fell short of Madras hotness, let alone Vindaloo. The same applies to the Naga here at Wombwell... it wasn't even of Madras hotness - but still an enjoyable dish.

The Naan breads and Chapatti's were excellent, with the chapatti's being good value for money at 60p… and of a good size.

So, to conclude the Wombwell trilogy, and on a one visit appraisal, it would be Balti Palace which we would be inclined to return to.

As we exited town, past Shaan's and Jafran, we thought that this conclusion was probably justified by the fact that both of those two establishments had very few diners - whereas a number of patrons were eating at Balti Palace as we left.

* If you are a regular reader of this website, then you will know that we don't bother with poppadoms unless they are gratis. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, is that we have seen poppadoms priced up as ridiculously as 90p each and a pickle tray for £3 - which we think is very poor value for money. Two, we think that we consume enough carbs with the rice and the breads. 

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