Indian Chef - Dinnington, Rotherham

Laughton Road, Dinnington, Rotherham, S25 2PP
Telephone: 01909 566 662

Opening Times:
Sun to Thurs - 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Fri & Sat - 5:00pm to 00:00am

"Described as a Private Restaurant by the owner"
Date of Visit: 18/04/15 - 6:30pm

The Butchers Arms at Braithwell was our point of rendezvous and proved to be a very friendly, welcoming pub. The Hobgoblin was on fine form and was an excellent start to the evening.
So, we said our goodbyes to the pleasant people in the Butchers Arms and headed for Zafran (Maltby), a mere 2 miles away.

Arriving at Zafran, things didn’t look or feel right about the place. We disembarked and entered the premises through a side door where we found the staff. They informed us that they had closed the restaurant side of the operation down as eat in business had declined over the last 2 years and that they were now only operating a take-away service. We were deflated and started doing geographical curry house computations in our heads. Eureka… and so, we were off to the Indian Chef at Dinnington, a further 5 miles away.

We entered a tiny reception area where Azad the proprietor met us. He asked us if we had booked and informed us that this was a private restaurant and that he was fully booked up and couldn’t accommodate us.  It was only 6:30pm and he had a number of tables, where guests weren’t set to dine until 8pm and 8:30pm – we informed him that we’d be in and out a good hour before his 8:30pm guests were set to arrive. After a bit of toing and froing, he granted us an audience with the Indian Chef.

Mixed Keebab £3.25
Onion Bhaji £1.95
Seekh Keebab £2.90
Lamb Balti £7.90
Nuwabi Gosht £7.90
Chicken Methi £7.15
Plain Naan £1.90
Pilau Rice £1.85
Chips £1.50
Bottled Water (1.5L) £2.00

The starters part followed what we have come to refer to as the typical South Yorkshire Indian Restaurant starter formula – i.e. pretty bland but usually of good quality ingredients. We all thought that the offerings on this visit weren’t of the highest quality and as a result, we gave the starters an overall score of 2/5. Personally, I thought that the starters were re-heats from Friday night’s business. The Seekh Keebab’s were only just warm and had no “zing” to them, the Onion Bhaji’s were the flattest I have ever seen and lacked any real flavor and the Shami Kebab was as equally deflated and lacking in taste.

Two of us ordered from the "House Specialities" section and the other from the "Traditional Currys". My Nuwabi Gosht (lamb cooked with fresh green chillies and fresh coriander and described as being spicy hot) was excellent. The succulent lamb pieces melted in the mouth and the au jus was nicely spiced.
The Lamb Balti was described as being for the anglicised palate and wasn't even of a moderate spicing level. The lamb pieces once again received the highest of commendations. The Chicken Methi was enjoyed, though my friend has recently dined on superior dishes of the same name.
Two of us awarded the main dishes 4/5 and the third doled out a 3/5.

The Naan's were very, very good. The Pilau Rice and Chips were fine.

It's not a must return venue, and if we did, then I'd probably skip the starters and dive straight in to the main course.

Awarded June 2015

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