Shaan, Rossington

Stripe Road, Rossington, Doncaster, DN11 0XY
Telephone: 01302 863 444114 

Opening Times:
Sun to Thurs: 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Fri & Sat: 5:30 pm - 11:30 pm

"Naaz, In The Sticks"
Date of Visit: Saturday 23/04/16 - 5:30pm

Onion Bhaji - £2.80 (2 pieces)
Sheek Kebab - £3.50 (2 pieces)
Mixed Kebab - £3.95 (Sheek & Shami Kebab & Onion Bhaji)
Staff Curry - £8.95 (Lamb on the bone)
Chicken Rogan Josh - £6.50
Chicken Dupiaza - £6.50
Keema Naan - £2.50
Plain Naan - £1.95
Chapati - 70p
Pilau Rice - £2.10

The Styrrup has entered in to an engagement with Ali, the owner of Naaz, North Road, Doncaster. Will this tryst end happily ever after or will it be love on the rocks?

Sharp's Doom Bar   (£2.85) was the only hand pulled real ale available. It was in good condition, went down well and we probably, for other reasons which will become apparent, drank a little more than we should have.

As the restaurant had only opened the previous weekend, there was quite a bit of interest in this new venue. We waited for the clock to slink its way to 5:30pm and Shaan's opening time, as did a number of other groups, who were avidly studying the menu in The Styrrup.

We found ourselves having to wait for a little over an hour between ordering and receiving our starters - hence our increased ale consumption. Beware the drinks waitress; she'll buzz your table 5 or 6 times during your stay. Though I guess it does save you from having to go to the bar yourself... and the waitress ordered drinks turned out to be no more expensive than if you queued at the bar and fetched them yourself.

The proprietors had misjudged the enthusiasm of the residents of this former pit village. Throughout our protracted stay, numerous people waited just inside the doorway for their collected (10% off) takeaway. I guess the restaurant doesn't have a delivery driver yet! It was very evident, that the takeaway orders were being given priority. They received a 10% discount; we received nowt for our extended wait. 

The Onion Bhaji (4/5), the Seek Kebab (3/5), and the Shami Kebab (3/5) were all of good quality but lacking that "zing" that we crave. How often have I used those words since I began doing this guide? They (the reviews) almost write themselves now. In fact, most of the time, you know exactly what you are going to get without setting foot in a place.

Old Ironguts opted for the Staff Curry (3/5), I thought it strange how they asked him what meat he wanted and also what vegetables he would like in the dish. A true staff curry would be left in a huge pot for the duration of the evening in order for the seasoning and spices to permeate the meat. So then, it wasn't really a staff curry but Lamb on the bone curry with veg.
I shared a Chicken Dupiaza (3/5) and a Chicken Rogan Josh (3/5) with The Greyhound. Both dishes contained good quality chicken but were, in our opinion, under spiced / seasoned.

The breads and rice were fine.

We'll revisit this restaurant once the initial enthusiasm of the locals has abated. By then, I'm sure that they will have adjusted their staffing levels and employed a delivery driver or two.

I note that it didn't take the Food Standards Agency long to pay them a visit.

Awarded May 2016

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