Mr Khan's - Doncaster


Netherhall Road, Doncaster, DN1 2PW
Telephone: 01302 760 063

Opening Times:
Sun - Thurs: 5:30pm to 12:30am
Fri & Sat: 5:30pm to 2:00am

"More Like Mr Salty's"
Date of Visit: Saturday 17/10/15 - 6:00pm

Vegetable Pakora - £2.80
Seekh Kebab - £3.10 (2 pieces)
Onion Bhaji - £2.50 (2 pieces)
Chicken Madras - £6.50
Chicken Methi - £6.50
Lamb - £
Tandoori Roti - £1.00
Plain Naan - £2.00
Pilau Rice - £2.00

What's that old saying… a picture is worth a thousand words.

For me, this place just uses far too much salt in both its starters and main dishes.

The interior of the building is pleasing on the eye, being tastefully decorated.

The starters took quite a considerable amount of time to be delivered to the table. This, coupled with their appearance and taste, made us believe that they had been freshly made. After a couple of mouthfuls of my Vegetable Pakora's, I asked my fellow diners if they found their starters to be salty. The reply was in the negative. Oh well. Luckily the Pakora's were quite flavoursome, so I decided to grin and bear the salty fare. The Seekh Kebabs were reported to be spicy. Very few South Yorkshire Indian restaurants do a good job with these. Credit to this establishment here. The Onion Bhaji's were the flat variety and were underwhelming. So, to summarise the starters… a mixed bag.

The salty theme continued with my Chicken Madras 3/5. It's a shame that it was so salty, as otherwise it was quite a nicely spiced dish, with both back and front heat delivered to the palate.

The Greyhound wasn't overly impressed with his Chicken Methi 3/5. I guess most, if not all restaurants are going to struggle to match the magnificent Methi's served by Emaans in Rotherham.
Old IronGuts enjoyed his Lamb Balti 4/5. All 3 of us were in agreement that the main dishes were too salty.

The Rotis were of a good quality and size. They were also rather reasonably priced for a SYIR. The Naans looked very good, though the Greyhound thought that they had been coated in too much ghee / butter. The Pilau Rice was fine. At £2 a portion, it sits on the cusp of the pricey rice offenders.

Awarded December 2013

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