Mumbai - Stainforth, Doncaster


16 Station Road, Stainforth, Doncaster, DN7 5QA
Telephone: 01302 352 100

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 Opening Times:
Sun to Thurs 5:00pm to 11:00pm
Fri & Sat 5:30pm to 11:30pm

"Less Populace Than Under The Last Emperor"
Date of Visit: Friday 1st September 2017 - 7:00pm

Poppadoms & Pickle Tray - gratis
Seekh Keebab - £3.75
Chicken Madras - £6.50
Balti Chicken Chilli - £7.95
Pilau Rice - £2.50
Plain Naan - £2.50
Roti - £1.20

I'll make the main point at the outset - It aint as good as it used to be when Bullet owned and ran it ! End of !

We've been a few times since it changed hands - it's still ok, but not as good as it was.

This was evidenced by the fact that only one room of the two room restaurant was in operation when we visited - both sides used to be rammed under Bullet. Last week, the one side that was open, was only half full... at best !

Folk aint stupid and have obviously voted with their feet.

Prices have gone up a little bit - the increases been most noticeable on the sundries.

Poppadoms & Pickle Tray are still free!

Seekh Kebabs (4/5) are still good.

My Chicken Madras (2/5) was more like a Hot Chicken Korma - not to my liking whatsoever... far too coconutty / almondy. 



"Bite The Spice Bullet"
Date of Visit: Saturday 12/03/16 - 5:30pm 

Poppadoms & Pickle Tray - gratis
Veg Pakora - £2.50
Seekh Keebab - £3.50
Chicken Achar - £7.20
Balti Chicken Chilli - £7.20
Pilau Rice - £2.20
Roti - £1.00

The Poppadoms & Pickle Tray are still free!

The Veg Pakora (4/5) and Seekh Kebab (5/5) were goodthough as I reported last time, the Kebabs are a bit pricey when compared to say Mangla, Sheffield (2 for £2.40). The pakoras consisted of pieces of aubergines, potatoes, cauliflower and mushroom, coated in a light batter. The Greyhound promotes the Kebabs in to the same echelon as Desi's, Zaika and Mangla.

Both of the main dishes were rated as 3 chillies on the menu - they weren't. We were in agreement that at best, they were only 2 chilli dishes. 
The main dishes consistently seem to be over spice rated. However, don't let that that distract from the quality of the dishes, as they were both good. Chicken Achar (4/5), Balti Chicken Chilli (4/5). You'd expect the Chicken Chilli to have a bit of heat to it - however, it was flyweight.

If the spice levels were a tad higher across the board and met the chilli ratings on the menu, then I'm sure that we'd be awarding 5 stars to this restaurant. It's just too anglicised.

The Rotis tonight were class leading! Large and light, with a great texture and they remained so during the course of the meal - at many places, the rotis go hard quite quickly. A must try!

The Pilau Rice was fine.

Once again, Bullet (the owner) and his staff provided the highest standard of customer care. Every visit here is an enjoyable one.



16 Station Road, Stainforth, Doncaster, DN7 5QA
Telephone: 01302 352 100

"We Went Apna, And Were Rewarded."
Date of Visit: Saturday 13/06/15 - 7pm 

Poppadoms & Pickle Tray - gratis
Veg Pakora - £2.50
Seekh Keebab - £3.50
Chicken Handi Murgh - £7.20
Karachi Chicken - £7.20
Special Veg Thali - £7.95
Mushroom Pilau - £2.50
Keema Naan - £2.50
Roti - £1.00
Rasmalai - £2.95

The complimentary (to all) Poppadoms & Pickle Tray are a nice way to start the evening.

We had no complaints about the Veg Pakora and Seekh Keebab, they aren't class leading (Desi Roti / Zaika / Mangla) but were decent enough. A small gripe, is that the Seekh Keebabs are at the lower end of the "pricey starter zone". One to keep an eye on and hope that there are no imminent price increases which would take them in to the "not value for money" category.

The Greyhound (as I am to refer to one of our party - and so named due to the speed at which he despatches the first 2 or 3 pints!) rated his Karachi Chicken as 3/5 and thought that it was on the oily side and an inferior dish to the one of the same name at Zaika. Old Ironguts highly rated his Chicken Handi Murgh awarding it the maximum 5/5. On initial presentation, the Special Veg Thali looked a disappointment; however, when the contents of the individual (small) serving dishes were emptied on to  the plate, the portion size was quite substantial. It was a very enjoyable dish, one of the best that I have had recently and one that I think scores 5/5.

The Keema Naan was good, as were the substantial Rotis. The Mushroom Pilau was of good quality and contained many of the fungi that the dish is named after. 

Not many restaurants, in fact, hardly any in South Yorkshire carry Rasmalai, Mumbai does! At 5p short of three quid, it is almost twice as expensive as the same sized offering at Zaika's. If you've never tried Rasmalai, then I highly recommend that you do - it's the perfect way to finish off an Indian meal. Trust me!

I need to mention that the service was of the highest standard and that the staff are excellent.

In the last review of Mumbai, we were debating whether it is a three or a four star restaurant. After this visit, the debate now is whether it is a four or a five star restaurant?

For now, it remains a four star establishment, but one that is on the cusp of breaking in to the top category. The menu has many interesting dishes and I am sure that we will be exploring this further in the coming months.

Mumbai is definitely on our list of recommendations to you.



16 Station Road, Stainforth, Doncaster, DN7 5QA
Telephone: 01302 352 100

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread?"

Date of Visit: Saturday 21/03/15 - 7pm  

It had been 6 months since we last dined at Mumbai, was all still well?

Lamb Tikka £3.95
Seekh Keebab £3.50
Chicken Vindaloo £5.95
Chicken Achar £7.20
Lamb Achar £7.95
Mushroom Pilau Rice £2.20
Roti £1.00
Plain Naan £2.20

They do a decent Seekh Keebab here, so two of our party took the nap selection and were rewarded. Old Ironguts, as one of our party now wishes me to refer to him as, opted for the Lamb Tikka, which was also of good quality.

The Chicken Achar and Lamb Achar were both praised and scored 4 out of 5.
On our last visit, I went for a 3 chilli rated dish, the Chicken Madras - however, it was quite tame and I rated it more like a 2 chilli offering. On this visit, I opted for the Chicken Vindaloo, whose description read more like that of a Chicken Kashmiri. My thoughts were "a Vindaloo with a twist?" 
From memory, I believe the Vindaloo is rated as a 4 chilli dish…. my thoughts were that maybe I'll get the 3 chilli dish I was hoping to get when I ordered the Chicken Madras on our last visit.

Ha ha… my theory was blown to pieces with the first mouthful of the Vindaloo. It was fiery and potent - definitely not for the curry novice. I managed to eat it but it wasn't what I was really looking or hoping for. 

The Mumbai Vindaloo.

How does one get a good Bradford style, Madras spice level curry here? Answers on a postcard please.

There was nothing wrong with the Mushroom Pilau Rice, Plain Naan or the Roti.

On the last two visits to this establishment, I have chosen dishes from the lower priced "traditional curries" section of the menu. Maybe for our next visit, I need to take heed of my own statement from our review last September?

"It would seem that a patron must grease the owners palms 
with a few more Shekel's in order to enjoy a decent curry?"

Overall, this is a restaurant that we like but are perhaps at odds as to whether it is a clear cut four star restaurant or one that operates in the exosphere of the 3 star echelon.



"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find"
Matthew 7:7

Date of Visit: Saturday 27/09/14, 7pm

Last time at Mumbai, the staff offered to make us Apna style dishes of our choice on our next visit.
On this occasion, we decided against going for Apna and opted to further explore the standard menu. Would we find what we seek?

Onion Bhaji £2.50
Veg Samosa £2.50
Chicken Madras £5.75
Balti Mushroom Chili £5.95
Lamb Handi £6.70
Pilau Rice £2.20
Chapattis 75p each
Poppadoms free
Pickle Tray free

I was going to select the Mixed Kebab for my starter, however, the description of the Vegetable Samosa changed my mind.

"Fresh aubergine, cauliflower, sliced potatoes, onions, mixed with green chillies and herbs & spices; dipped in a spicy batter & then deep fried. Served with mixed green salad."

The actual item served was a bit of a disappointment. I can't state for certain, but I don't think that the Samosas were made from scratch. Neither did the vegetable content seem to match the description. They were also small in size and non-spicy.

The Onion Bhajis were aesthetically pleasing but should have been described as onion rings rather than Bhajis. They were ok, but not spicy.

At £5 for 2 small Samosas and 2 Onion Rings, I don't feel that they were value for money.

I shared the Chcken Madras and Balti Mushroom Chili with a friend.

I was disappointed with the Madras, I believe it was a product from the common pot. For me the colour was "wrong" and I didn't detect any onions or tomatoes in the dish. For me, it looked and tasted very much like a Korma that had been "spiced up" by throwing some chill powder in to it - the relatively medium heat generated was all "up front". On the menu, the dish was rated 3 Chili's; however, I'd say it was more like 2 Chili's.

The Balti Mushroom Chili was a much better dish. Again, it was listed as 3 Chili's - more like two! The dish had obviously been crafted from scratch!

Lamb Handi - "Marinated Lamb, cooked with garlic, ginger, yoghurt and fenugreek leaves. The dish is a traditional Punjabi dish." Another friend thought that this dish was of a good standard.

Seekh Kebab - I didn't try these, though my friends did and they both enjoyed them. I was a fool to ignore the waiters recommendation!

The Pilau Rice and Chapatti's were both ok. The Chapatti's were of a very generous size.

I believe my thesis was further re-enforced after this visit. Select a "standard dish" in most restaurants and your curry will most likely have originated from the "common pot! The "speciality dishes" are so, not because they are special, but because they have been crafted from scratch.

It would seem that a patron must grease the owners palms with a few more Shekel's in order to enjoy a decent curry?

Overall, I was disappointed on this visit and I have downgraded Mumbai to 3 stars.



"The finest exponent of the South Yorkshire variant of Indian cuisine?"

Date of Visit: Saturday 2nd August 2014

Mumbai Special Tandoori Mix (for 2) £6.50
Chicken Achar £6.95
Shahi Jhinga Tandoori £9.95
Pilau Rice £2.20
Naan £2.20
Rasmalai £2.95
Poppadom complimentary

Pickle Tray complimentary

The following is from an email I sent to my friend and fellow diner this morning:

I've been having a look on the Mumbai's Facebook page... a lot of people really like this restaurant.

It's as if Mumbai is the epiphany of curry houses.

The following two people are the only dissenters amongst dozens and dozens of apostles.

Stephen Bell (Facebook)
Sorry, it was pants when I went, sub-standard. Must try harder.

Derek H French (Facebook)
Probably the worst food in town in any format and they know it and won't alter.

This is a tricky review to write. Yes, the food was of good quality, but it was, to quote the chap on Rick Stein's India… "Masalaified" or, to use our own terminology when referring to this variation of Indian cuisine - "Anglicised"

I am going to resist grading it until we re-visit.

The mains and starters last night were of good quality, just not spicy enough.

Let's see what they produce when they cook Apna for us.

End of email.

I disagree with Stephen and Derek (Facebook). The food, the ambience, the service, the restaurant was first class. The downside for me is that the food wasn't spicy enough - if you've had curries in Bradford, then you will know what I mean.

For example, last night, one of the dishes that we had was rated 3 chillies, yet we found it very tame.

We believe that they can deliver what we want; as the owner and his team live in and travel from Bradford each day. They will be able to provide us with a quality Bradford style curry in Doncaster - I am sure of it.

The guys at Mumbai have offered to make us Apna (home style) dishes of our choice on our next visit. This is something that we will be taking them up on.

The vast majority of South Yorkshire Indian restaurants cater for and deliver what your average Joe and Josephine Public want… i.e. a "dumbed down" not too hot & spicy, slightly sweet curry. Ok, you'll get the odd meathead who wants the Vindaloo, Tindaloo or Phal after he's downed a couple of gallons of beer - but we all know, that's not what curries are about!

I / we have to remember, that these South Yorkshire Indian restaurants are delivering exactly what their target audience is demanding. It was very evident from the well populated restaurant last night, that Mumbai has devised a winning formula and is very well thought of by the people of Doncaster and the surrounding area.

Rasmalai - a great way to finish off a meal.