(to entice, lure, or ensnare)

“The Seekh Kebab and I have to be honest, was probably the worst that I have eaten anywhere. It was cold, it was spiceless, it was small, it was aesthetically challenged, resembling a cheap home brand bargain basement supermarket sausage…”
Spice Lounge

“I disagree with Stephen and Derek (Facebook). The food, the ambience, the service, the restaurant was first class. The downside for me is that the food wasn't spicy enough - if you've had curries in Bradford, then you will know what I mean.

“I went for the Mixed Kebab (£3.50) starter - thermally it was tepid, spice wise, it was very bland. A poor offering…”

“After discussing the size of the Chapattis (70p) with one of the members of staff, I opted for two. A fine recommendation from the waiter as Chapatti & Curry matched each other, mouthful for mouthful. No waste, yet not having to order an extra Chapatti through running out - perfect…”

"The dishes were archetypal of South Yorkshire - nice pieces of meat in a voluminous sauce. Pre-ordering, I was considering a Vindaloo. If I'd ordered that, then I may have gotten the Madras that I was after. It would have been all chilli powder but hey ho… when in Rome!…"
Spice Hut

“Post meal - I just don't feel like I've been Curried!
Anglicised - Masalaified - these are words that I use to describe this South Yorkshire variant of the Indian cuisine…”

"For me, there is nothing not to like about this restaurant - Lassi, good spicy starters, excellent intricately spiced main dishes, authentic Indian desserts. They even serve Indian Tea and Barfi as well - I bought half a Kg of Barfi (£3) to take home with me, yum!…"

“The "boys" travel in all the way from Bradford each day - that alone saves you £18's worth of petrol.
A top quality Bradford restaurant without even having to leave the village - what more can I say…”

"The cuisine at this restaurant is from the Tamil Nadu region of India and the country of Sri Lanka. As a result, the menu is very different to your typical South Yorkshire Indian restaurant…"

"At Mangla, the curries do the talking.
Restaurateurs please take note - this is how curry should be!…"

"This is easily one of the best restaurants in our region, and, but for a few weaknesses, might have merited a five-star rating…"

"Note the specials board on the right as you go in. Order 4 popadoms to get the 'free' pickle tray…"
Kashmir Curry Centre - No longer operating.

"Two visits to the Gulshan since the last review have compelled me to re-evaluate this restaurant. For value and service it is unbeaten in my experience in South Yorkshire…"
Gulshan - No longer operating.

"A third of the menu is dedicated to alchol. Not a good indicator!…"
Zaiem Tandoori

"The refurbished Mangla is everything the South-Yorkshire curry lover could hope for - an Indian restaurant in our region that in terms of price and quality will stand comparison with the best in Bradford…"
Mangla - Original South Yorkshire Curry Guide review.

"The Sabzi Tikka Massalla, having been promised medium hot, was mild, over-dominated by potato, and spoiled by a cloying richness. CL, normally the most generous of critics, described it as "staggeringly poor"…"

"These days we invariably order them apna style, easy on the ghee, which will do the trick if anything will. What arrived was simply excellent…"

"In reality, quibbling aside we started to wonder why on earth the restaurant was empty in contrast to the roaring trade being done across the road at Mangla…"
Akbars - No longer operating.

"The restaurant seemed more interested in signing you up for their loyalty card rather than serving you a good quality curry. At a cost of £80 per person per year this is not how to build loyalty. Punters will be more inclined to return to a restaurant if they feel they have been served a decent quality curry at a reasonable price. Sadly the Balti King are some way from this objective…"
Balti King

"They don't make their own Rasmalai, but were prepared to go out and get some for us; they were even open to negotiation on the price. First impressions were good…"
New Al-Ameers Palace - No longer operating.

"The waiters were uniformed; apparently we weren't. The waiters looked us up and down and then we were directed to the very back of the restaurant. We're not that scruffily dressed, I remember thinking. In addition, the manner of one of the waiters in particular made for a particularly bad case of "service with a surl",.."

"Being a bit desperate, the staff were very friendly and accommodating. But how quickly does friendliness turn to arrogance or even thinly disguised hostility in establishments like this if they start to enjoy some success…"

"If you cannot get in some fresh stuff on Saturday night, when are you going to? The disastrous starters were such blatant overcooked reheats we should have sent them back, but we struggled on…"

"The menu was one of the most diverse I have ever seen and contained many curry dishes that I have never heard of before. This is what enticed us to pay them a visit…"

"We arrived at 20:15, the Curry Club was obviously very popular with many patrons sampling the fare on offer. Even though it was relatively early, we found we were left with a choice of either Vegetable Tandoori Masala or the Chicken Phal…"
J D Wetherspoons (Barnsley)

"Both the vegetarian main dishes, of which I had a quick taste, seemed more piquant and varied in their spicing, and my fellow diners rated them highly. I should add that the price for the off-menu Tarka Chickpeas (£3.00) is not typical and probably had something to do with the fact that JD has made several recent enthusiastic visits to this restaurant…"
Soho Spice

"The service, initially a little silly and uninformed, became very attentive once we had made it clear that we had paid our curry dues around this and other cities…"
Butler's Balti House

"My Chicken Somethingorother being the best, but at £5.35 for a child's portion in an unlicensed restaurant! Nothing to come back for…"

"A jury of six experienced, Bradford-hardened curry eaters assembled for the retrial of Indian Spice - and this time it was not to get off so lightly. The verdict, however, was not quite unanimous…"
Indian Spice

"The service was still hassle free - after a little negotiation we got a fine plate of extra salad on the house, accompanied by spicy-and-not-too-sweet yoghurt sauce…"

"Some late negotiation over curry hotness caused panic in the kitchen with the result that the Vegetable Madras came in above vindaloo hot. It was otherwise a good dish with plenty of variety…"
New India Garden

“The final bill was more than the bill for most of our recent trips to Bradford with the petrol included…”
Kailash - No longer operating. New restaurant? Ashoka trading from same premises.

"The service was poor - the Chicken Dopiaza arriving as a vegetable dish. Not once did they ask if the meal was ok. Neither did they ask if we wanted another drink. The breads were forgotten, having to be asked for and were only just an acceptable average in terms of quality.
If we had wanted popadoms we would have ordered them. Why ask if we want rice when we had ordered a Biryani dish to share?"

"The grossly over-priced Chicken Pakora starter came with a withered and derisory portion of salad, not much bigger in fact than the portion of chicken. The taste was uninspiring, not particularly fresh, while the accompanying yoghurt sauce contained far too much sugar. Overall, a very poor dish…"

“On the evening we visited the food was consistently good across the board, especially the starters which were high quality though not particularly spicy - just very fresh and tasty in every other respect, for which there is something to be said…”
Koh-I-Nor No longer operating.

"The starters looked magnificent and were beautifully presented. If only we ate with our eyes. If only we lived by bread alone - the naans are excellent…"

“The Star of India 2 is decidedly not the next generation of South Yorkshire Indian Restaurants (SYIR); on the contrary, it is such a text-book example of the original that they might have written the textbook, along with that other useful volume, the book of tricks…”

"Annoyingly irritating thoroughgoing South Yorkshire Indian Restaurant (SYIR). Average food…"